NASA gives global warming theory a boost

It's one of the most controversial subjects on earth, but if data from NASA is to be believed, the past decade on the planet has been the warmest ever.

Severe hurricanes 'set to double this century'

US hurricane damage will rise by a third this century, a new climate study concludes.

Study blames Asia for US ozone pollution

With what some may see as jaw-dropping cheek, a new government-funded study of ozone pollution in western North America has concluded that it's all Asia's fault.  

Fishy invasion threatens Great Lakes

Asian carp DNA has been found in Lake Michigan for the first time, raising fears that they could devastate the Great Lakes' delicate ecology - and commercial fishing interests, of course.

Space agency plans satellites for solar energy and forest monitoring

EADS Astrium - Europe's biggest space company - is working on satellites to supply solar energy from space and monitor deforestation on Earth.

Sun, sea, sand and err, airplane fuel?

From the you couldn't make it up department comes news that you can make airplane fuel from seawater and sand.

Solar cells self-assemble in 'salad dressing'

Your salad dressing could become an electronics factory, if work from the University of Minnesota bears fruit.

Green Touch consortium promises major CO2 impact

A consortium led by Bell Labs is aiming to 'reinvent the network', making comms technologies a thousand times more energy efficient than they are today, and making a major impact on CO2 emissions worldwide.

McDonalds investigates cows' asses

In its latest attempt to show us just how much it cares about our welfare, McDonalds is to carry out a three-year study into methane emissions from cattle.

Global warming put on hold for a few decades

Opinion That sound you can hear is climate scientists desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel in a failed bid to maintain the credibility of AGW.

Nokia gets a Greenpeace gong

Environmental organization Greenpeace has handed out glad green tidings for some tech companies and brickbats to others.

EU launches road train project

Sit back and put your feet up

Atmospheric CO2 hasn't increased for 150 years

In contradiction to perceived wisdom, the airborne fraction of carbon dioxide hasn't increased during the last five decades, or, indeed, for the last 150 years, claims new research

Copenhagen Climate Summit: Analysis

Your cut-out-and-keep guide

Al Gore shoots self, climate summit in foot

An inconvenient falsehood

Copenhagen climate talks in disarray

African delegation walks out

UK scientists defend 'professional integrity' of climate stats

Met Office 'encourages' scientists to sign petition

94 percent of world exposed to tobacco smoke

It's an epidemic, says WHO

"Divine Cow" gives meat eaters a warning

Don't eat as many burgers as you do?

Dead people power the planet

If you can't stand the heat, stay alive