BamBoo concept car an all electric ride

The Geneva Motor Show is just a few months away, which means it's about time for something wild to appear from concept-car maestro Frank M. Rinderknecht and his Rinspeed company.

First hydrogen hybrid ferry to dock in NYC

First there was the Hornblower Hybrid, a revolutionary vessel that began plying the waters of San Francisco Bay in 2008 using a combination of solar, wind and diesel power. 

Researcher designs next-gen capacitor

With $2.25 million from the federal government, Gerhard Welsch is getting the opportunity to turn his not-so-new ideas into reality - and he has the rise of electric vehicles to thank for it.

Hybrid streetcar loses its wire

In many places, the old-fashioned streetcar is an emblem of a simpler, greener past. In Charlotte, North Carolina, it may soon be a harbinger of a greener public transportation future for historic areas.

This Chinese bullet train goes hella fast

Chinese high speed rail development once again looks to be outpacing much of the rest of the world - hitting the locomotive equivalent of a clean energy "Sputnik moment" - via news of another bullet train record being broken.

Konarka Solar sets efficiency record

Perhaps you recall the name Konarka, an American solar tech company that’s been making waves with everything from a solar curtain wall to funky and functional Euro-styled solar bags.

GM developing an electric, networked two-seater car

General Motors is designing a two-seat vehicle that would be a perfect fit for people who don’t usually like to drive and live in densely populated cities.

China launches hydrogen powered train

Recently, we reported on China's new bullet train, thought to be the fastest in the world.

Team touts underground 'physical internet'

A group of British science professors and logistics experts are proposing a 'physical internet', zapping food and other supplies through underground tunnels.

OTEC wave power gets more Navy funding

Lockheed Martin is making waves for the U.S. government with its Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) pilot plant off the coast of Hawaii.

Hydrinos a pie in the sky clean energy?

It isn't every day an announcement heralding confirmation of a new process for producing vast amounts of cheap energy comes over the transom. So, skepticism is in order.

Supercomputers think about clean energy

Twenty-five million hours of computer time? That's certainly a lot of CoD: Black Ops gaming!

No room left for fisheries to expand, survey shows

There's no  room on the planet to expand fisheries any further, according to a new study that tracks their growth since 1950.

Google promises to help governments monitor deforestation

With widespread pessimism about the outcome of the Cancun climate summit this week, there's already one good thing that's come out of it - from Google.

Is this our clean energy Sputnik moment?

Steven Chu is dropping the S-bomb. That's right: The U.S. Energy secretary is invoking Sputnik in describing the challenge the country faces from China's clean-energy drive.

Toyota rolls out five year eco car plan

The first generation of electric cars have yet to truly hit the marketplace, but Toyota is already at work on next-gen electric car batteries - along with other "eco-car" development strategies.

Spawned from DNA, Mercedes-Benz BIOME concept car to grow in lab

Mercedes-Benz is taking "green" technology to a whole new level. No, we’re not talking about hybrids or low fuel emission models, we’re talking about a brand new concept in automotive design. 

2nd Life for electric vehicle batteries?

Second life for electric car batteries? No, it’s not a world of electric virtual avatars - it’s a plan under development by Duke Energy and Tokyo-based cleantech ITOCHU to develop applications for spent car batteries.

Are clean energy dollars going to polluters?

To nab mobsters, law enforcement has to do business with some pretty unsavory characters. A similar reality might be at play in the U.S. government's pursuit of job-creating clean-energy projects.

Turning tailpipe emissions into power

Where there’s heat, there’s energy - even in the smelly exhaust that emerges from a car tailpipe.