Electric car revenge film trailer debuts

The producers of the new film "Revenge of the Electric Car" (a sequel to 2006's "Who Killed the Electric Car?") are foregoing the traditional studio distribution model and taking it directly to the fans, via Facebook. 

Mission R debuts as sleek e-motorcycle

Mission Motors is on a mission to build the "purest expression of electric performance." 

New type of solar cells could even work at night

Researchers in the potato state of Idaho say that they’ve developed a new kind of solar cell that can produce electricity even at night, promising to create a new form of renewable energy.

Hybrid device harvests energy from light and heat

In the future, battery-powered gadgets and gizmos may seem as archaic as old-fashioned wind-up toys. 

Greenerator brings eco energy to condos

Getting your entire apartment or condo onboard with wind or solar generation is often next-to-impossible. 

Hawaii and GM plan ahead for hydrogen cars

Watch out, Hawaii Five-O, here comes H2I-the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative, a plan aimed at integrating hydrogen as an essential building block for Hawaii’s sustainable energy future.

"Rocket" bike hits the road to promote renewable energy

2,500 miles is a long way to travel via e-bike - even on a recumbent that looks like it might belong to Speed Racer.

Portable SolarPod powers your gear

If you're searching for a last minute Christmas gift - especially for family in the UK or Europe - look no further than the solar powered SolarPod charger by ThousandSuns.

Hertz kicks off electric car rentals

Eying 2011 as the year that they bust into the mainstream, Hertz confirmed it has begun renting electric vehicles (EVs) in New York, DC, and San Francisco. 

Loss of Arctic ice could lead to new hybrid species

The loss of Arctic sea ice could lead to species such as polar bears and some types of seal and whale being lost through hybridization.

Thin film solar approaches DOE’s goals

Thin film solar continues to rapidly increase its efficiency level in converting sunlight to power. 

Mini wind turbine powers iPhone

Where would we be without the blogger/designers? For one thing, we wouldn't know about the iFan, Tjeerd Veenhoven's concept design for charging an iPhone without plugging it into a conventional power source.

These Russian hybrid cars are actually affordable

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov is best known to Americans as the owner of the New Jersey Nets NBA franchise.

Carbon sequestration could cause earthquakes

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) underground could trigger earthquakes, a Stanford geophysicist warns.

Deepwater wants a wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean

Deepwater has proposed the construction of a "Wind Energy Center" that would be capable of generating enough electricity to feed the grids of at least several East Coast states.

How to farm hydrogen with an H2 silo

A farmer's silo that stores hydrogen instead of grain?

Autonomous transit concept gets off the ground

Industrial design student Anthony Stuhldreher believes that Lafayette, Louisiana, has a major traffic problem.

Cisco maintains Greenpeace cool IT lead

Greenpeace is out this week with an update to the Cool IT Leaderboard, the environmental organization's periodic assessment of how tech companies are faring at putting forth clean-energy innovation.

In search of sustainable energy

Talk about a buzz kill: A team of MBA students has found that fuzzy and often misguided policy, technical roadblocks, affordability issues and out-of-tune leadership all add up to a challenging landscape for investment in sustainable energy.

Pneumatic pipes deliver pizza in Steampunk fantasy

Who doesn't love fast food? And what's faster and more cool than having food pumped directly to your house via pneumatic tube?