Is CES causing global warming?

The arrogant PR hacks working for the over-hyped Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas are claiming that "the world's coolest tradeshow is also the greenest."

Electric airplane completes first test flight

After four years of development in engineering, building and testing, the Sonex LLC E-Flight N270DC electric airplane has taken to the skies, successfully completing its first test flight.

North Atlantic ocean currents changed in the 1970s

An examination of deep sea corals has revealed drastic changes to ocean currents in the western North Atlantic since the 1970s.

Hyundai preps third-gen hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Forget all the buzz about current electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. That’s right - Hyundai recently completed the development phase of its third-gen hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, dubbed the Tucson ix.

Vertical axis urban turbines go global

Tony Verrelli, CEO of a Toronto start-up known as Cleanfield, believes that the market potential for urban wind turbines is massive, and he's making some bold moves to prove it. 

Smart home data arrives on Facebook

It's inevitable: The smart home future that will allow us to exercise greater control over our home-energy use and realize vast savings in the process.

This e-cycle has a sidecar pod

Since Gottlieb Daimler, in a flash of genius, attached a gas engine to a wooden bike in 1885, the motorcycle hasn’t changed that much: it’s still basically a motorized bike. 

Electric buses begin to roll in Seoul

Those riding buses in South Korea now have a greener option available to them as the Seoul Metropolitan Government recently announced it had begun commercial operations of full-size electric buses on its Mt. Namsan circular routes.

Google PowerMeter gets new hardware

Google has another partner for its free energy monitoring tool, adding the PowerCost Monitor by Blue Line Innovations. 

Feds announces $50M in new solar funding

The infamous Nevada Test Site has long been known as a proving ground for nuclear weapons.

New genome sequence could make finest chocolate better

Chocolate: the finer the better. Fortunately, the recent sequencing and assembly of the chocolate tree genome is likely to benefit chocolate lovers and producers all over the world.

New technology can recycle all plastics

As we stand in our living rooms looking at the mountain of Christmas packaging around us, it's good to hear about a new technique claimed to allow 100 percent of plastics to be recycled.

iPhone app maps sustainable seafood

Almost anyone who prefers sustainable seafood is aware of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Pocket Guides, which give shoppers the information-at-a-glance to make ocean-friendly seafood choices.

Ceiling lights relay Internet data

Either an innovative way to cut down on Internet congestion or the prescription for a Pokemon-style seizure a la 1990, researchers are looking towards flickering lights to act as a possible new avenue for short-range Internet communications.

Next-gen eco home feeds the grid

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart in Berlin have designed a next-gen, "grid-positive" residence that is completely encased in glass.

Ford to add start-stop system to all its cars

Ford has announced it's to introduce its fuel-saving start-stop technology pretty much across the board in the US.

Reactor transforms sunlight into liquid fuel

CalTech researchers have designed a prototype reactor capable of transforming sunlight into liquid fuel.

Army deploys solar-powered shelters in Afghanistan

The US Army has been greening operations on a number of fronts, and the latest is a solar-powered shelter that pops up directly over a tent.

This HybriDriv powers trucks

Are you sick and tired of choking on thick clouds of black smoke belching out of trucks?

Electric skateboard hits 25 MPH

Can a skateboard really qualify as a viable long-distance source of transportation?