High speed rail could create 1.3 million jobs

A new study out recently from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) suggests kneecapping high speed rail on the federal level might not be the best move at the moment. 

China accelerates high speed rail build out

President Obama’s dream of high speed rail (HSR) in the U.S. may have been gutted for the year as part of federal budget deals, but other parts of the world continue to march forward with their plans. 

This electric trike costs 40K

California-based electric vehicle company T3 Motion has announced the completion of its prototype called the R3, which was previously known as the GT3.

This Japanese EV does 200 miles on a single charge

Thirty-four different companies have come together to create a Japanese, all-electric prototype vehicle called the SIM-LEI which claims to have an impressive range of over 200 miles on a single charge. 

Americans Want EVs, but most won’t buy

We’ve reported on a veritable landslide of electric vehicle (EV) related hubbub from manufacturers and federal agencies. 

Is Internet Explorer 9 energy friendly?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) claims to conserve power in ways that no other modern browsers have before. 

Mojave Desert mine could help reduce dependency on rare earth imports

Demand for rare earth metals in high-tech products is higher than ever, as they are used in everything from smartphones to missiles. Indeed, the price of some rare earth elements skyrocketed by 500% over the last year.

This Green Baby is an electric scooter

The Taiwanese-based Green Diamond Power has launched its latest electric scooter dubbed the "Green Baby."

Nanoparticles lethal to Arctic ecosystem

Queen’s University researchers have discovered that nanoparticles - now found in everything from socks to suntan lotion - may be causing irreparable harm to soil systems and the environment.

This battery is powered by water

Batteries are often thought of as energy storage devices because that is how we use them on a day to day basis. 

Mountain glaciers melting much faster than believed

Melting mountain glaciers are pushing up sea level rises faster than at any time in the last 350 years, say scientists - indeed, many are melting up to 100 times faster.

Electric Porsche replica has classy looks

Duke’s Garage, a Colorado company specializing in the restoration of classic cars, has announced that they are adding an electric conversion model to their line of replica vehicles. 

Electric motorcycle racing? Yes, please!

The idea of racing motorcycles is certainly something that sounds exciting to many, as it certainly is also fun to watch them zipping around a track. 

Japan disaster shakes Toyota green car plans

Toyota announced a series of production date changes following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in early March.

High speed rail in Vegas hits blackjack

Nevada Senator Harry Reid and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently publicly announced the Federal Railroad Administration's final environmental impact statement for the $6 billion high-speed DesertXpress project, which will connect Las Vegas to Southern California. 

Contrails warm world more than CO2 emissions

Aircraft contrails do more to warm the planet than their exhaust fumes, a new study has found.

Amazon forest becoming less green

Satellite data is revealing an Amazon rainforest that's decidedly less green than usual, showing the catastrophic effects of last year's record-breaking drought.

Volvo heats C30 Electric with bio-ethanol

Temperature extremes, be they hot or cold, generally cause problems for vehicles of all types, but even moderately cold weather can be crippling to both electric and fuel cell vehicles.

Public solar charger juices portables

Much has been made recently about electric vehicle charging stations and attendant public infrastructure - but what about all of our power-hungry gadgets?

MIT develops low-cost artificial leaf

MIT scientists have created what they say is the world's first practical 'artificial leaf', a solar cell the size of a playing card that mimics photosynthesis.