Sea levels could rocket as Arctic ice melts

Arctic sea ice concentration was at its second-lowest ever in March, according to data from NASA.

Geely McCar is a two-in-one green vehicle

What if your hybrid car gave birth to a baby electric scooter? 

Nathan Fillion checks out Arcimoto’s new EV

Oregon-based electric vehicle manufacturer Arcimoto recently unveiled its SRK prototype called the Red 5 in Eugene.

Audi debuts A3 e-tron hybrid concept car

Audi released details of its new plug-in hybrid concept car, called the A3 e-tron, at this year’s Auto Shanghai convention. 

China's energy consumption should stabilize soon

Despite the way China's economy continues to expand, its energy use is likely to level off in the next couple of decades, say researchers at Berkeley Lab.

Horde of killer crabs invades Antarctic

"It’s like a scene out of a sci-fi movie," says the team – millions of king crabs marching up from the deep waters of the Antarctic to conquer territory they haven't visited for hundreds of thousands of years.

Climate change could hit Western US water supply

Climate change is likely to cut water flow in many of the American West's rivers by as much as a fifth, a report from the Interior Department warns. The affected rivers supply water to eight US states.

Viruses do assembly work for solar cells

Researchers at MIT have enlisted viruses to help assemble solar cells and improve their performance.

MIT fog collector provides clean water from thin air

An MIT team has improved on existing systems to allow people in water-starved countries to harvest water from fog.

Electric motorcycle hits 190 MPH

Chip Yates, the racer and designer of a 240 horsepower, 400 pounds of torque electric motorcycle, is claiming that his vehicle is the world’s fastest, having reached a top speed of 190.6 miles per hour.

AAA chooses top green cars

The American Automobile Association has released its top choices for green cars in honor of this year’s Earth Day.

Genovation G2 revs electric or hybrid

We first reported on start-up automaker Genovation earlier this year when they announced the development of a green car called the G2.

Direct steam solar thermal plant fires up

Late last month a new type of solar thermal power plant was inaugurated in Carboneras, Spain. 

A cheap, green and futuristic prefab

The Tim Palen Studio at Shadow Mountain is more than futuristic-looking new structure in the Mojave Desert (near Joshua Tree, California) - it’s a prototype of a 2nd generation pre-fab home design based on the ubiquitous shipping container.

Evidence suggests electric cars need night time charging

Researchers have found that ozone can be reduced when electric vehicle charging is done at night.

Huge Oregon wind farm gets Google backing

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the Shepherd’s Flat wind farm in rural Oregon, not just because it is right in our backyard, but because it is poised to become the world’s largest wind farm as well.

CRP Racing unveils electric motorcycle

CRP Racing has debuted its new electric motorcycle - the eCRP 1.4.

Scientists create ambient energy harvester

Siemens has announced its scientists, like the one with the slightly crazed look below, have created the "Ambient Energy Harvester."

Does biofuel endanger developing nations?

The controversy over the use of biofuel as an alternative and renewable energy source may soon get even more heated.  

Solar power without solar cells: It could be possible

A new discovery by scientists could lead to solar power without the usual semiconductor-based solar cells.