MIT persuades algae to make hydrogen fuel

Scientists at MIT, Tel Aviv University and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory say they've found a way to use algae to make four times as much fuel as before.

Do remanufactured products use more energy?

It stands to reason that remanufacturing a product – rather than manufacturing a new one from scratch – saves energy. Right?

Electricity could be generated from bacteria

It could soon be possible to use bacteria to generate energy, following a discovery by scientists at the University of East Anglia.

Hydrogen energy process made more efficient

Hydrogen could end up playing a big role in the world’s future energy production.

Renault's Twizy is a $10,000 EV

French automaker Renault has opened reservations for its Twizy electric vehicle, which is manufactured in Spain and expected to go on-sale in the European market sometime at the end of this year.

Are plants more efficient than solar panels?

A debate rages in the scientific community over which is more efficient at harvesting solar energy: a plant or a solar cell?

Is offshore wind power ready for prime time?

We recently covered a report from Pike Research which predicts a big surge forward for offshore wind energy, estimating a growth in total installed capacity from 4.1 gigawatts to 70.1 gigawatts by the end of 2017.

Electric car maker Arcimoto drives long road

In the far and wide ranging electric car industry there are full sized vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf, and low speed, golf cart like vehicles (LSV) only meant for neighborhood driving. 

Spongy carbon an energy storage breakthrough?

Scientific efforts to create new high performance, efficient energy storage technologies may be taking a pretty big leap forward according to researchers at The University of Texas.

Team finds simple way to split hydrogen from water

Splitting water to create renewable energy could be simpler than previously thought, says an international team led by Australia's Monash University.

Greenhouse gases threaten mass mortality in oceans

High levels of greenhouse gases could kill off life in the oceans in the same way as happened during prehistoric times, geologists warn.

Solar panel boosts efficiency four-fold

A University of Missouri engineer has developed a flexible solar sheet that captures more than 90 percent of available light - compared with the 20 percent or so achieved by most current solar panels.

Roehr debuts eSuperSport electric motorcycle

Illinois-based manufacturer Roehr has debuted an all-new electric motorcycle called the eSuperSport based, in part, on a Hyosung Motors USA GT650R.

Solar chair produces energy while you chill

Soft rock is all the rage these days on the MIT campus - SOFT Rockers, that is, a functional art installation by the institute’s school of architecture students, led by professor Sheila Kennedy.

This solar powered laptop could be a game changer

American designers Laura Karnath and Carl Burdick believe that "designers can no longer design products which rely on energy and resources as if those things were limitless." 

Ford looks at dandelions as material for car parts

It might sound more suitable for a fairy or a pixie, but your next car could be made in part from dandelions, if Ford researchers get their way.

Biofuels could be less green than fossil fuels, study shows

Biofuels may not be the greenest option for airlines after all, says MIT, and can sometimes result in higher greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fossil fuels.

Climate change could hit your Wifi, report warns

Climate change doesn't just mean a threat to polar bears and penguins - it could damage your precious Wifi signal as well, a UK government report has warned.

Jaguar C-X75 is a hybrid supercar

Jaguar will launch its C-X75 concept vehicle as an exclusive hybrid supercar.

Is wind power a viable alternative energy source?

More evidence that clear, strong policies are key to renewable energy development came recently via the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).