Ford boosts domestic green car production

American automaker Ford has announced it will triple production capacity of electric vehicles through the year 2013.

Funky solar lamp charges your cell phone

Designer Samuel Li of Albany, New York, seems to believe in stacking functions - literally. 

Evolution won't save us from climate change

Animals and plants may not be able to keep pace with climate change by evolving, a UC Davis study suggests.

Fisker Karma hybrid showcased in Monaco

Luxury manufacturer Fisker Automotive recently debuted the first production line model of its plug-in hybrid vehicle, called the Karma, at this year’s Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. 

Ken dumps Barbie over rainforest destruction

We've had Barbie the princess, Barbie the doctor, and now we've a new model - Barbie the evil tiger killer.

10 million U.S. roofs with solar by 2020?

While the GOP controlled House was busy slashing clean energy program budgets last week, a Senate subcommittee was occupied with drafting a bill that, among other efforts, aims to make solar power system installations faster and cheaper for the nation.

MIT battery could revolutionize electric cars

MIT reckons it's overcome one of the biggest barriers to the acceptance of electric cars - the time it takes recharging them - while at the same time halving the cost of batteries.

US and Russia buddy up on smart grid

International aid and cooperation between former Cold War foes is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s focused on making the planet a greener place.

An electric hummer anyone? No really, anyone?

You probably thought you'd never see the day, but the headline is true - there's an all-electric Hummer and you can have one.

Green car sales drop way, way down

Is the green car industry pushing forward with unbridled optimism at the moment despite lackluster sales?

Is a Northwest biofuel industry possible?

An organization called Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest (SAFN) has released a ten-month study suggesting a sustainable aviation biofuel industry could be created in America’s Pacific Northwest.

A floating LEED first in Nevada

From medical centers to schools and hotels, all kinds of different buildings are pursuing and achieving LEED green building certification. 

Toyota Prius V gets new sales date

Automaker Toyota has announced a new on-sale date for its new Prius V. 
We first noted the vehicle’s specifications at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, originally planned to become available later this summer.

Biodegradeable products may be more harmful to the environment

Think you're doing the right thing by using biodegradeable products? Think again.

E-waste recycling is risk to human health

Open-air e-waste dismantling sites should be banned, say researchers, as new evidence shows they pollute the atmosphere and could have a significant effect on human health.

Global warming may help trees store more carbon

It's been known for a while that global warming speeds the decomposition of organic matter in soil, speeding up carbon dioxide release.

CO2 emissions hit record high

After 2009's dip in carbon emissions caused by the world economic crisis, levels hit a record high last year.

Air Force Thunderbirds fly show on biofuel

Two of the Air Force’s Thunderbirds aerial team members recently flew their F-16s in a Department of Defense aerial team show running on a blend of camelina-based biofuel and regular jet fuel.

Electric car infrastructure could be costly

Findings from a new consumer study from Accenture suggest that the majority of global buyers are willing to purchase an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid.

Formula 1 electric racing car hits 162 MPH

FCI, a global electric connector manufacturer, has signed a partnership with Formulec to sponsor its Formula 1 electric race car.