Hydrogen fuel cells powered by sewage

Southern California drivers who are on the transportation cutting edge - tooling around in hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles - will soon have a new option for filling up. 

Alaska’s tides scouted for clean energy

Last summer, we reported on the progress of a novel hydrokinetic river turbine on the Yukon River. 

Army looks to private sector on renewables

Facing rising fuel prices and energy security challenges, the U.S. Army has committed to meeting a quarter of its energy needs with renewable resources by 2025, and to achieving net zero energy use by 2030. 

Melting permafrost could ramp up global warming

Thawing permafrost could release billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere by the end of this century, further accelerating global warming.

China gets serious about solar energy

Earlier this month, the Chinese government announced plans to establish its first nationwide feed-in tariff (FIT) for solar projects. 

Sun and beer - a power combo

Green beer isn't only for St. Patrick's Day anymore. In Atlanta, SweetWater Brewing Company is remaking its brewery to meet growing demand, and a hefty photovoltaic system is part of the project.

DOE says biomass energy is plentiful and green

The nation can vastly increase the amount of energy it gets from biomass-derived sources without jeopardizing - and possibly even helping - the environment.

Portland, IBM team up to solve carbon issues

Portland, Oregon is getting a little help from computer giant IBM to help see how it can reach various city goals, including reducing its carbon emissions over the next several decades.

Boeing, Siemens bring smart grid to the military

Corporate giants Boeing and Siemens have announced a new agreement between the two companies for a project that will bring smart grid technology to the U.S. Department of Defense.

BMW looks to landfills for hydrogen power

Automaker BMW has launched a pilot program to turn the methane gas emitted by landfills into hydrogen.

NASA maps Antarctic ice flow

NASA-funded researchers have discovered new ice formations moving across Antarctica, after creating the first complete map of the speed and direction of ice flow.

Rooftop solar could be a hydrogen producer

Researchers are always looking for the next big breakthrough in renewable energy technologies. 

Polar sea ice could recover if CO2 levels fall

Good news, for once: new research indicates that, for polar sea ice at least, there's no 'tipping point' from which recovery is impossible.

Fuel cells, hydrogen storage get DOE bump

Four fuel cell and hydrogen storage research and development projects are getting a $7 million boost from the Obama administration.

This concept bike wants to power a city

If you live in or commute daily to a city, you know the drawbacks of relying on a car. 

There’s traffic, the high cost of gas and maintenance - not to mention the endless challenge of finding a parking spot.

Concentrated PV helps keep crops growing

A team of German industrial researchers says concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems that focus light on to solar cells can provide an effective alternative for powering remote irrigation networks.

Solar powered refuge sets up anywhere

It wasn't so long ago we brought you the Eagle Nest Hut - a concept design for an alpine hut that could be assembled at high altitudes and on uneven ground, powered by renewable energy.

Solar manufacturing gets $50M boost

Got an industrial-scale demonstration of photovoltaic modules, cells or substrates that offers lower-cost solutions in line with the Obama administration’s SunShot goals?

Green flight challenge gets Google backing

Snoopy will have more than the Red Baron to keep an eye on as competitors take to the skies above California's Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport this fall in pursuit of a $1.65 million prize for fuel-efficient aircraft. 

Arctic summer ice could increase before it disappears

If climate change continues, summer sea ice in the Arctic could disappear altogether - but in the meantime Arctic ice could temporarily stabilize or even increase.