Subways could soon be a source of energy

Subway systems consume enormous amounts of energy. To further complicate things, they usually require energy in short, intense jolts. 

BP tar balls still sitting on ocean floor

Tar balls washed up on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico earlier this month by Tropical Storm Lee show that oil from last year's Deepwater Horizon spill isn't degrading as quickly as expected.

BMW wants to exploit engine heat waste

Internal combustion engines are terribly inefficient machines.

 About 60 percent of the energy generated by an internal combustion engine is lost - half from exhaust heat.

CO2 emissions reach record levels

There's been a sharp rise in global CO2 emissions over the last ten years, despite reductions by industrialized countries.

Battery researchers look to seaweed

Researchers at Clemson University have identified a promising new binder material for lithium-ion battery electrodes that they hope will boost energy storage capacity: seaweed.

Maxximus plans $1 million liquid natural gas car

Speciality car manufacturer Maxximus is in the process of building a $1,000,000 super sports car that runs on liquid natural gas (LNG), something we've usually seen on fleet vehicles.

Team finds 'inexhaustible' source of energy

A couple of grains of salt could be all that's needed to help bacteria produce hydrogen from wastewater or organic byproducts.

Can nanotech cables replace metal wiring?

Could highly conductive nanotube-based cables be just as efficient as traditional metals, and at a sixth of the weight?

Deep oceans store heat from global warming - for a while

The deep oceans can absorb enough heat to mask the effect of global warming for a decade at a time, say scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

Oregon gets serious about wave energy

The wave-power project unfolding in Oregon has a new big-name player.

Opel revs up RAK e concept car

Only a few days ago we reported that the GM subsidiary manufacturer in Europe Opel was announcing details of its new electric concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

Arctic sea ice cover is second-lowest ever

Arctic sea ice has reached its second-lowest level since satellite observations began over 30 years ago, scierntists at the University of Colorado Boulder's National Snow and Ice Data Center say.

How to combat water scarcity

A biomedical engineer has formulated a new paper on rainwater harvesting to combat the very real issue of water scarcity.

Mercedes rolls out F 125 concept car

Luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz is celebrating 125 years in business and debuting a brand new futuristic hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 to mark the auspicious occasion.

'Artificial volcano' to be built in Norfolk field

A team of British scientists is to build what amounts to an artificial volcano, pumping sulphate particles into the atmosphere.

Underground CO2 storage safe, say scientists

Storing carbon dioxide underground poses little threat to health, scientists from the University of Edinburgh claim.

Introducing the iRacer prototype

Racing electric vehicles - cars, motorcycles, scooters - continue to grow by leaps and bounds with new technology, new speed records and new racing opportunities.

Is solar an economic bright spot?

The United States domestic solar industry continues to be a bright spot in an otherwise down economy, according to a recent report by Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research.

Meet the Solaris solar car concept

When Mazda and Australia‘s Aurora Solar Vehicle Association get together, it would appear, very good things happen, at least insofar as Aurora Survivor 2050 solar car competition goes.

New biofuels feedstocks are water hogs

Many energy researchers and environmental advocates are excited about the potential for biofuel producers to make the switch from corn to feedstocks based on large grasses like miscanthus or switchgrass.