Europeans more worried about climate change than economic crisis

Climate skeptics are a dying breed in Europe, a new poll shows, with two out of three people seeing climate change as a very serious problem.

BMW Active5 Hybrid rolls out in March 2012

BMW introduced its ActiveHybrid 5 concept at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show last year, and the luxury hybrid sedan is currently slated to roll out in March 2012.

Artificial solar leaf comes to life

Following a major breakthrough this summer, researchers from MIT, led by professor Daniel Nocera, have announced that the much-talked-about "artificial leaf" is now a reality. 

Landfill helps power Marine base in Georgia

Chevron and the U.S. Navy are working together in Albany, Ga., to turn methane gas captured in a nearby landfill into renewable energy.

Biomass land grab could leave poor hungry

The food-versus-fuel debate has typically been used in reference to farmers in industrialized countries growing food crops, such as corn, to sell to biofuels producers.

Science panel calls for federal research into geoengineering

Leading experts on climate change science and technology are calling on the federal government to launch a coordinated investigation of the potential effectiveness, feasibility, and consequences of so-called geoengineering.

Biofuel targets unreachable, says NRC

The US is unlikely to meet some specific biofuel mandates under the current Renewable Fuel Standard by 2022 unless new technologies are developed or policies change.

An inflatable wind turbine from the Segway guy?!

The inventor who gave the world the Segway - you know, that upright-riding, personal-transportation thing - is now seeking a patent for an inflatable wind turbine. 

Mystery deepens over ice age rise in CO2

The large increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide at the end of the last ice age wasn't released by the oceans, scientists have concluded.

How to make skutterudites with your microwave

The key to saving vast amounts of energy? It's right there on your kitchen counter, say scientists at Oregon State University.

CO2 uptake data casts doubt on climate models

The global uptake of carbon by land plants could be much higher than previously thought, meaning that the carbon cycle models used to predict climate change could be wrong.

Legislator maps out cleantech support

Democratic Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor recently announced the Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act of 2011.

UCSD genomics research goes off grid

A new, "ultra-green" genomics research center is taking shape at the University of California San Diego (UCSD).

Carbon War Room boosts building upgrades

A new consortium that could put billions of dollars of clean-energy and energy-efficiency investment into commercial developments in the United States is getting off the ground. 

GE wind turbines take off

Since its May launch, wind power developers have committed a total of $2.7 billion - and placed more than 2 gigawatts (GW) in orders - for the 1.6-100 wind turbine from General Electric (GE). 

Wind power gets a nod from patent office

GE is trying to figure out how to make larger generators and the Obama administration is funding an R&D center in Maine that will make and test giant turbines.

On optofluidics and the future of energy efficiency

Optofluidics - now that's something we haven't really seen before on our virtual pages.

Whales navigate Northwest Passage for first time in thousands of years

Bowhead whales have navigated the Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for what could be the first time in nearly 10,000 years.

Internet giants have carbon emission issues

What do Amazon, Netflix, Google and Facebook have in common? 

Gordon Murray debuts Teewave AR.1

Automobile designer Gordon Murray Design and chemical company Toray recently announced the development of a new prototype electric sports car dubbed the Teewave AR.1.