Modded Mazda Miata Spyder uses biofuels

One of the stars of this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) auto show in Las Vegas was a Mazda Miata MX-5 Spyder.

Cells in bending trees make good biofuels

Since 2007, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been looking for ways to make cost-effective biofuels from nonfood "cellulosic" plant fibers.

Facebook likes solar power cogeneration

Facebook is teaming up with Cogenra Solar to put a solar cogeneration system in at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

Solar sandwich made with thin film & thermal

How about a solar sandwich on your roof? No, we’re not talking about a roof-mounted solar oven - we’re talking about a new combination of three green technologies [PDF] brought together by Englert.

That solar ship blimp thing in the sky

Jay Godsall, founder and chief executive of Toronto-based Solar Ship had what he, and just about everyone agreed, was a crazy idea.

Organic PV ready for consumer electronics

New breakthroughs in solar photovoltaic technology could make low-cost solar cells available in an array of consumer electronic equipment.

Google joins ranks of green power elite

Two giants of technology – Google and Ingram Micro – have been recognized as giants of renewable energy under the Environmental Protection Agency‘s (EPA) Green Power Partnership.

Twin living towers planned for Milan

High-density housing has long been touted as a solution for preserving green space while allowing cities to expand.

Toyota revs hybrid for 2012 Endurance races

Toyota will field a race team at the inaugural Federation International de l'Automobile (FIA) World Endurance Championship race series in 2012.

Vehicle-powered generators hit the road

Americans own an estimated 250 million vehicles, and drive approximately six billion miles every day.

 But what if we were able to harness the energy used in transporting goods and people to generate electricity with no additional emissions?

Nanostructured silicon boosts thin-film PV

Thin-film photovoltaic (PV) cells made from amorphous silicon are low-cost, low-profile and suitable for many solar power applications. 

Vertical-axis turbine sails into wind market

"Every commercial building can power itself," Elizabethtown, Ky.-based Wind Energy recently proclaimed on its website.

US has vast geothermal resources, study shows

The US has the geothermal resources to produce ten times as much power as the current installed capacity of coal plants, Google-sponsored research shows.

China fires back over SolarWorld issue

China and U.S. solar manufacturers are trading shots in the wake of the SolarWorld-led effort to slap big tariffs on Chinese imports of crystalline silicon solar panels. 

Public keen on geoengineering research

Most people believe that it's worth investing in geoengineering research, a new study has found.

Huge mass of tsunami debris headed for US West Coast

Millions of tons of debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March is headed for the West Coast of the US.

Cleantech industry bets big on offshore windpower

A new report from Pike Research confirms what the United States, Europe and even Google are banking on: offshore wind is going to be huge.

Climate change isn't natural variation, says team

There's been no simultaneous warming of the northern and southern hemispheres in the last 20,000 years, scientists say, indicating that climate change can't be ascribed to natural variation.

A "renewable" that's worse than coal?

Proponents of waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities have a good point: the amount of plastic that we throw away in the United States could generate enough electricity to power over 16 million homes. 

Brutus electric motorcycle goes retro

It’s the first golden age for electric motorbikes. As technology improves by leaps and bounds, more and more models are hitting the market every month.