Honda preps next-gen EV-STER

Honda is set to unveil what it is calling a small “next generation’ electric car at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The car, dubbed the EV-STER, will make its debut as a concept when the show opens Dec. 3.

Clean air law brings fall in sulfur dioxide

The introduction of the Clean Air Interstate Rule in 2005 has led to a big reduction in pollution from eastern US coal power plants, data from NASA's Aura satellite shows.

Fall in CO2 led to Antarctic ice sheet formation

The appearance of the Antarctic ice sheets was triggered by a massive fall in the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide, new research has found.

Researchers eye lithium-ion battery breakthrough

Researchers from Northwestern University are working on developing a super-battery that can keep a cellphone charged for a week and be recharged in just 15 minutes.

Thawing permafrost affects climate more than thought

As the Arctic warms, thawing permafrost will release greenhouse gases  faster and in greater amounts than previously believed.

Toyota Prius C hybrid ready to roll

The Toyota Prius C made its debut this year as a concept at the Detroit Auto Show. 

When we see it at next year's show, the new, five-door subcompact edition of the popular hybrid will be ready for prime time.

Evolve revs Tron 'cycle

New York-based Evolve Motorcycles has been formerly known for its line of electric scooters. Odds are, after folks get a look at their two newest models, scooters won’t be the first thing they think of.

The way forward for offshore wind power

If even some small portion of the vast offshore wind potential the United States holds is ever accessed, it's going to need to be integrated into the grid (or, more likely, grids). 

How's that going to be pulled off?

Major carbon sequestration project kicks off in Illinois

The Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium (MGSC) has embarked on  the first million-tonne demonstration of carbon sequestration in the US.

CRT recycling challenge offers cash

What is the most economically and environmentally sound way to recycle cathode ray tube (CRT) glass used in older televisions?

Bay Area aims to be nation's EV capital

The Bay Area wants to be known at the "Electric Vehicle (EV) capital of the United States." 

SunPower, Navy hook up in the desert

Two trends – the embrace of renewables by the U.S. military and the growth of large solar installations in the desert Southwest – will come together over the next year in California. 

Global warming may not be as severe as predicted

As atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, the planet won't get as hot as previous studies have indicated, new research shows.

Navy's largest biofuel test is a success

Using a remotely controlled ship, the U.S. Navy successfully completed its largest-scale demonstration of alternative fuels last week off the coast of California.

Google ends a renewable research project

Google is renowned (and sometimes ridiculed) for its willingness to allow a vast herd of esoteric projects to roam its offices, but inevitably there is a culling.

More climate emails leaked online

Thousands more 'Climategate' emails from the University of East Anglia have been leaked in another attempt to cast doubt on the validity of climate science.

Samsung brings 40,000-hour lightbulb to US

Joining in the niche market of advanced, seemingly never-ending lightbulbs, Samsung has introduced new "Advanced LED" bulbs to the US market.

Home solar - only for the wealthy?

PV Solar Report is out with an analysis [PDF] – done with solar installer SunRun – that says home solar installations are more a middle-income pursuit than something for the wealthy.

World's food demand to double by mid-century

The amount of food the world needs could double by 2050, say scientists, with potentially devastating consequences for the planet.

Veggie oil fuels a land speed record

Powered along a dry lakebed in the Mojave Desert at 155 mph by a fuel made from a mix of cottonseed and sunflower oils, the Boise State club Greenspeed has smashed the land speed record for vegetable-oil powered vehicles.