Honda 'dreams' of leading fuel efficiency

When Honda sets sets its sights, it really sets them high. The company recently announced goals for its future drive technology at the Tokyo Auto Show.

TVs are top CE energy user

Use of consumer electronics (CE) devices like Blu-ray players, video game consoles, set-top boxes computers and peripherals are on the rise.

Don't be fooled on wind power and birds

The view there on Keystone is full speed ahead, send the dilbit on down – even as government scientists and conservation groups [PDF] raise

US Navy goes big with GREENS Solar

For the US armed forces, going green is about climate change and energy security, but as much as anything it's about troop safety.

Putting fuel cell cost on the chopping block

Hydrogen fuel cells can provide power to off-grid areas, power vehicles and even generate baseload power for the electric grid. 

They are also silent and emissions-free.

Better solar may lurk in 'shadow state'

Theoretically, the maximum efficiency of today's silicon solar cell is approximately 31 percent, because much of the solar energy that hits the cell is lost as heat.

Black silicon solar tech comes of age

Black silicon has been bubbling in the background of solar research and development the past couple of years, hinting at a way to drive down the cost of solar power, but has yet to bust out.

Why the EU is winning the clean energy race

The EU signed Kyoto in 1997, and passed laws to lower emissions by 2005. Five years later it had double the wind power of the US, and ten times the solar power.

Tesla Model S weighs in at a cool 50K

Way back in 2009, when the Tesla S electric sedan was a concept living only on sketches and engineering notes, the company promised the car would retail for $49,900 following federal tax credits. 

Sweet! Juicer’s retro mod e-motorbikes

In 1894, German engineers Heinrich and Wilhelm Hidebrand gave the world its first production internal combustion powered motorcycle, the Hildebrand & Wolfmüller Motorrad. 

Washing machines spew plastic into the oceans

The oceans and their beaches are now home to vast numbers of tiny pieces of plastic - and the source may be your washing machine, researchers say.

Paint-on solar cells could power homes

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed a 'solar paint' that could be slapped on the outside of a house to help generate power for the devices inside.

A hybrid solar power/thermal cooling system!?

We've covered a few promising hybrid solar photovoltaic/solar thermal heating systems in the past.

Ford debuts Focus Electric 2012

It’s been what seems a long time in coming, but Ford recently pulled the wraps off its brand new electric vehicle, (EV) the Focus Electric.

Google invests in Californian solar energy projects

Google's continuing to pump money into clean energy, investing $94 million in four solar photovoltaic facilities near Sacramento.

Renewable energy for cube-dwellers

A renewable energy-powered work space in which renewables aren't part of the building infrastructure?

Ecosystems shift as climate changes

By 2100, nearly 40 percent of land-based ecosystems - forest, grassland or tundra, for example - will have moved from one type to another.

Solar cell could be cheaper than fossil fuel

By harvesting waste heat, researchers from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have for the first time built a solar cell with an external quantum efficiency over 100 percent.

Keep the clunker? Smart routes curb emissions

Looking for an easy way to burn less gas and cut down on carbon emissions while driving - without shelling out for a more energy efficient vehicle? 

Military seeks efficient HVAC in green drive

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has to obtain at least 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025.