Biodiesel production goes to school

Biodiesel may sometimes seem like cleantech's ugly step-child, receiving less attention and less funding than other up-and-coming renewable energies like solar and wind.

Ford showcases 2013 Fusion

Ford has gone official with its long-awaited 2013 Fusion midsize sedan. The vehicle boasts a sweet new design with some definite Jaguar influence.

Coda EV to finally hit showrooms

The Coda electric vehicle (EV) has a rather interesting history.

CO2 emissions 'delaying ice age'

We have manmade global warming to thank for the fact that we're not all shivering in an ice age, according to research from Cambridge University that's likely to prove highly controversial.

Can CoolPlanet save cellulosic biofuels (and Earth)?

One way to judge a startup is by its backers, and CoolPlanet BioFuels certainly has a roster that suggests the next-generation cellulosic biofuels company is up to something interesting with its "negative carbon fuel." 

Yes, MIT economists can be wrong about cars

MIT economist Christopher Knittel recently published a report analyzing the fuel economy of vehicles on the streets in 2006.

It's time to move past ethanol

There is a moment in Bill Jaeger's latest biofuels paper when his scholarly posture crumples a bit and he seems to want to shout loud enough for policymakers in Washington, D.C., to hear him all the way from Corvallis, Oregon.

A lean, mean, pollution-eating building!?

Most of the world is taking small steps to reduce energy consumption – such as changing to CFL light bulbs or Energy Star appliances, and perhaps installing a few solar panels.

Why you're not getting more miles per gallon

If you're an average motorist, you're driving a car that's vastly more fuel efficient than the one you had in 1980 - and an MIT economist has explained why it almost certainly doesn't feel like it.

Climate models may underestimate extinction rates

We may be being grossly complacent about the scale of species extinctions caused by climate change, according to US scientists.

Volvo showcases XC60 plug-in hybrid concept

The 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit is poised for imminent kick off, with a number of new concept cars surfacing ahead of the 
big day. 

Military green growth offset by Congress

You can add green building advocates to the list of people who have a gripe with the National Defense Authorization Act, which President Barack Obama signed into law on New Year's Eve (despite his own reservations).

New process strips CO2 from the air

Scientists say they've found a better, cheaper way to remove carbon dioxide  from smokestacks and other sources, including the atmosphere.

Big government science gets a reprieve

A year of threats from the House had thousands expecting budget cuts as deep as 20 percent by those determined to drown government science in the bathwater. 

Ford Focus Electric packs 100+ MPGe

I have always found it very confusing that the EPA and automakers strap EVs with no combustion engines under the hood with the same sort of MPG ratings that we see on normal cars.

Turbine market forecast to spin to $96 billion

You can expect to see a lot more wind power plants popping up across the US and the rest of the world in the next five years.

Company claims new solar efficiency record

Californian company Solar3D says it believes it's created the most efficient solar cells  ever developed.

Fisker recalls Karma hybrids over fire risk

The Fisker Karma is one of the most attractive and expensive plug-in hybrid vehicles on the market today. The vehicle starts at a cool $103,000 and so far, only a handful of the cars have been produced and sold.

Home design for the zombie-pocalypse

The turtle carries his home on his back. But the turtle's needs are simpler than ours - he doesn't depend on electricity, for example, or get sick when he lacks access to filtered water. 

2012 fuel standards shirk cellulosic biofuels

The amount of biodiesel and biofuels in the US transportation fuel mix will increase again in 2012.