Pentagon says going green will reduce battlefield risks

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is currently engaged in a "hard push" to significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels in an effort to shrink risks on the battlefield.

Hydrogen and Alane, the new power couple

Hydrogen - the ever-illusive solution to our energy problems. 

This green wireless mouse has no batteries

I will be the first to admit that I hate wires running around all over my desk. 

California becoming clean energy powerhouse

California regulators have approved five power purchase agreements that could boost the state's renewable energy capacity by 1,088 megawatts (MW) and produce 2,927 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy.

Amazon basin becoming carbon emitter

Deforestation and climate change are having a psofound effect on the Amazon basin, shifting it from a carbon sink to a carbon emitter.

US military eyes big solar on desert bases

Look at a map of southern California, and you'll see several large gray patches.

Infiniti teases uber-secret electric sports car

Months ahead of the Geneva Auto Show in March, Japanese automaker Infiniti is teasing a concept model so advanced it doesn't even have a name yet. 

Japanese Sim-Lei EV boasts sweet specs, horrible style

When it comes to green electric vehicles, many new cars sport very odd and unattractive designs, at least IMHO.

Tesla Roadster going out with a flourish

The Tesla Roadster is going out with a flourish. 

California solar projects left in the dark

When it comes to green, California is undoubtedly at the forefront, with many millions of dollars invested in various projects to help make the state less reliant on energy that causes pollution. 

'Cap and trade' system proposed for commercial whaling

A group of academics has suggested a pragmatic, if radical, solution to the problem of continuing commercial whaling - putting a price on the animals.

Carbon dioxide in oceans gives fish a deathwish

The increasing amount of dissolved carbon dioxide oceans is driving fish crazy, Australian researchers say.

Biogas powers fuel cells

Fuel cell technology has been steadily making the transition from research and development to commercialization over the past year. 

Toyota rolls out Prius c Hybrid

When Toyota launched the world's first mass produced hybrid in Japan in 1997, it felt like a bit of a gamble for the huge Japanese auto maker.

Kia touts Ray EV Concept at CES 2012

Over the last decade we have seen cars and technology start to converge significantly. 

Many vehicles are now packed with default tech you could only get with aftermarket accessories not too long ago.

Honda showcases Accord plug-in hybrid

Honda has been pumping out its Accord model since 1976. In 2005, a short-lived hybrid model was launched, which, because of slow sales and not-too-impressive fuel economy, only lasted until the 2007 model year.

New-found particle could help cool Earth

A long-hypothesized particle which could cool the planet by cleaning up the atmosphere has finally been discovered.

Ford wants to monitor your health while you drive

Ford is teaming up with Microsoft, Healthrageous and BlueMetal Architects to help people maintain their health and perform "wellness research" while in the car.

Sunflower inspires more efficient solar layout

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the fast-growing, brilliantly bright sunflower offers guidance on how best to gather solar energy.

Volkswagen showcases Jetta hybrid

Most of the attention paid to Volkswagen at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit will be directed toward its new, irresistible electrified E-Bugster concept.