BMW kicks off EV Electronauts program

Calling all Electronauts! Come in Electronauts! Please report at once to the BMW Mothership for an important announcement!

Can wood replace plastic?

Plastic packaging could one day be replaced by a derivative of wood, if European scientists are successful.

EV batteries head to energy storage frontier

With the thousands of minds and millions of dollars put into developing electric vehicle car batteries, it makes sense that companies are starting to "think outside the car."

Will hybrids survive the onslaught of more efficient gasoline engines?

People who are shopping for green and efficient cars have a number of choices on the market today.

Seaweed is the new algae of biofuels

We've certainly been hearing a lot about algae as a biofuel feedstock. 

Steampunk pocket watch winds via solar power

Here’s a timepiece that’s a blast from the past and in tune with the future. 

Yes, it’s a Victorian-styled pocket watch, powered by the sun.

Prius death ray or energy efficient windows?

A woman living in Studio City, California noticed one fine day that the mirrors on her fuel-sipping Prius had started to melt.

Hiriko EV folds and has in-wheel motors

An interesting new EV concept - dubbed "Hiriko" - has surfaced online. Designed by MIT in cooperation with the Spanish government, the EV boasts some fairly unusual specs. 

US Navy preps massive solar project

SunPower broke ground this month on a big solar installation at the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in California. 

Atmospheric geoengineering could make climate worse

One suggested method of countering man-made climate change, injecting sulfate particles into the stratosphere, could carry serious consequences, say scientists.

Are we on track to stop climate change?

Not every problem can be solved by throwing more money at it, but climate change is one of them.

Supercomputer leaps tall cleantech challenges

Scientists working to tackle our energy challenges at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., just got a powerful new weapon. 

Magnetic soap could help clean up oil spills

British scientists have developed a soap that respondes to magnetic fields, meaning it could potentially be used to capture oil spills.

GM polishes Volt after NHTSA probe

GM fully cooperated with the NHTSA as the federal agency investigated a number of fires that occurred during crash testing of the Volt. 

E-motorcycle offers hot ride, keeps the cool

Making the case for an electric car - higher up-front costs, but then much less expensive and environmentally damaging to operate - to someone switching from a gasoline-powered car is pretty straightforward.

Scientists warn over ocean acidity

Manmade CO2 emissions over the last 100 to 200 years have already raised ocean acidity way beyond its normal natural range, says an international team of scientists.

How solar, wind can pay to play

Are big solar and wind – like oil and gas – ready to compete to use resources on federal lands?

Natural gas debate sparked over exports

Natural gas is a versatile fossil fuel used all around the world for heating buildings, generating electricity, and powering industry.

$1 billion more pumping into US wind

Dire predictions abound for U.S. wind power development if a federal production tax credit dies as scheduled at the end of this year, but projects already in the works appear to retain solid investment appeal. 

Nissan sells 10,000 Leaf EVs (in the US)

Green is really in style with drivers all around the world right now. Many are moving to green vehicles like full EVs and hybrids to save at the pump and reduce pollution.