The rise of micro hybrids

A recent report from Lux, a firm specializing in emerging technologies, makes the bold claim that by 2017 micro-hybrids "will dominate the automotive market," gaining 42 percent of the overall light-duty vehicle market.

Satellite data shows sea level rise

While glaciers globally are shedding billions of tons of ice each year, the Himalayas aren't, a study shows.  

Renewables will bring golden age of free energy

Most people understand that once solar panels are paid off, the energy they provide is free. But what about on a national level? 

Team beefs up solar cell efficiency

University of Cambridge scientists have developed a new type of solar cell that could increase the maximum efficiency of solar panels by over 25 percent.

Google praised by Greenpeace for energy record: Apple, not so much

Google's support for a stronger US clean energy policy and EU clean energy targets has seen it leap to the top of Greenpeace's annual Cool IT Leaderboard.

This electric ride does it on just one wheel

With the rush to introduce all manner of electric vehicles to the public, we've seen an explosion of transportation ideas over the last few years. 

US wind power shows strong growth in 2011

Wind energy continues to power ahead in the US. 

Plastic-eating fungus could help deal with landfill

A team from Yale University has discovered a fungus deep in the South American rainforest that can live entirely on plastic - offering hope for new methods of waste disposal.

Tesla revs up the Model S hype machine

Outside of the Toyota Prius or the Chevy Volt, Tesla is the best known name in the ever-growing world of alternative fuel vehicles. 

Whiskey charts course from drink to biofuel

When it comes to green, Scotland has more than that famous lush greenery going on. 

Putting electric motors on a diet

Dionysios Aliprantis has a few problems with the current state of electric motors. 

Biosolar breakthrough promises cheap, green electricity

A team from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, claims to have developed a low-cost method of power generation based on photosynthetic processes.

Toyota hybrid racer ready to roll

Japanese automaker Toyota hasn't participated in a Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) endurance race since 1999.

US set to be hit hardest by tropical cyclones

Tropical cyclones will cause $109 billion in damages by the end of the century, according to Yale and MIT researchers, because of economic growth as well as climate change.

Finally! An electric sports car under $375,000

The German-based PG has teamed up with designer Michael Fröhlich to present the PG-Elektrus, a mean-looking, black matte two-seater with enough carbon fiber and composite to construct a stealth fighter.

Arrival of plants triggered ice ages

The arrival of the first plants 470 million years ago triggered a series of ice ages.

Ford rolls out three-cylinder EcoBoost engine

Ford's smallest production engine - which recently debuted in the UK - can best be described as a tiny three-cylinder 1L turbocharged mill with direct injection.

Green cars the vehicle of choice for Gen Y

The age of Generation Y is upon us and marketers of all stripe and variety are attempting to figure out just what this group, also known as the Millennial Generation or the "echo boomers," wants. 

Global warming not caused by increased solar activity

A new NASA study has confirmed that it's greenhouse gases - not changes in solar activity - that are the main cause of global warming.

Little Ice Age triggered by volcanic eruptions

The Little Ice Age - the centuries-long period of cooling that began in the Middle Ages - appears to have been triggered by four massive volcanic eruptions in the tropics.