Audi touts shooting brake hybrid

A new plug-in hybrid concept car debuted from Audi this week at the Detroit Auto Show that is described initially in just a few simple words – sporty, compact and versatile. Whether or not this is actually the case for the new allroad shooting brake car remains to be seen, but it does impress with its green vehicle specifications at the least.

Harvard flow battey could help bolster wind and solar

Flow batteries – more akin to fuel cells, really – are getting increasing attention as researchers press to meet a need for energy storage brought on by the rise of intermittent renewable sources like solar and wind.

Daimler teases new smart electric car

Daimler’s small city car brand smart has unveiled a new model known as fortwo edition citybeam that is available in an electric only option. The price of the zero emissions option offering will run over $27,000 at start (over $31,000 for a convertible), and does not include a monthly battery rental fee.

A sneak peek at Apple's Oregon data center (and solar power plant)

If Northwest media are correct, Apple is on its way to building the largest solar power plant in the state of Oregon.

Report: More to biofuel production than yield

When it comes to biofuels, corn leads the all-important category of biomass yield. However, focusing solely on yield comes at a high price. In the current issue of the Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences, Michigan State University researchers show that looking at the big picture allows other biofuel crops, such as native perennial grasses, to score higher as viable alternatives.

Tesla acknowledges overheating adapter issue

Tesla Motors, already dealing with a public relations issue related to some of its Model S electric sedans catching fire last year, now has another hot under the collar technology problem to deal with that this time is centered around some of its in-home wall chargers. This new problem reportedly has led to some severe overheating, among other concerns.

Nissan prices 2014 Leaf models

issan this week announced pricing for the American edition of its 2014 all-electric Leaf. The car, which will be available in three trim levels, set all time sales records last year and its expected to have a repeat performance for this go around.

Geothermal power moves from state to state

That renewable energy “first” that way back in April we said was on its way? It’s here. Power from a geothermal plant in northern Nevada is flowing to Southern California.

Onewheel is a self-balancing skateboard

The Silicon Valley gives birth to many innovative green technology ideas, and now one of the latest is the rather unique Onewheel, a “self-balancing electric skateboard that lets you fly over pavement on only a single wheel using self-balancing technology.”

How wind power helped fight the polar vortex

Renewable energy critics harp on the variability of wind and solar production, suggesting (or pretending) that this increasingly manageable challenge is some kind of fatal flaw.

Toyota says new fuel cell vehicle due in 2015

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is known typically for showcasing the latest in gadgets and gizmos. In addition this go around however we are also seeing a number of alternative vehicle announcements.

SkyCycle concept wants to transform London into a biking utopia

It appears to be utterly unrealistic, but isn’t it always thus for a great advance when the idea is first floated?

Electric 'cycles gain ground in China

With pollution being a serious issue for those living in major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, any form of greener transportation on the roadways has to be an improvement.

Ford eyes solar panels for future plug-in vehicles

The wet dream for environmentally focused drivers of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles is one in which self-contained renewable energy powers the car instead of having to plug into the grid.

Audi teases plug-in hybrid concept (and lasers)

Much like Ford, Audi is choosing a leading consumer electronics trade event instead of the upcoming Detroit Auto Show to unveil a plug-in hybrid concept. The German automaker will reveal next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the Audi Sport quattro lasterlight concept.

Understanding the wind-solar connection

Construction of a big New Mexico array that will provide some of the cheapest electricity ever under contract from solar photovoltaics is “well underway” and expected to be completed in May, according to the state’s land commissioner.

What is the difference between power and energy?

Let’s finish 2013 this way: With a vow to spread the word about the difference between watts and watt-hours, between power and energy.

Solar power will be big in 2014

he equivalent of a 5-megawatt solar farm every hour of every day – that’s how much new solar photovoltaic power is being installed around the world right now, according to a leading industry analyst, and it’s a surge that will help the industry to a mammoth total for 2014.

Siemens moves forward with US offshore wind

There were fresh signs on Monday that the Cape Wind offshore wind power plant in Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts will become a reality: The developer and Siemens finalized a deal under which Siemens will supply turbines for the project, and Siemens said it would likely become an equity investor.

Kawasaki's J motorycle is a futuristic concept vehicle

The Tokyo Motor Show, as we’ve been noticing from various stories of late, was a hotbed this year for electric vehicle ideas. Another one in this vein came from Kawasaki, which used the event to showcase its futuristic J concept personal transportation concept vehicle.