Solar car hits 661 miles on clean energy

The world of college solar powered cars is getting busy these days. The University of Michigan, a top flight competitor in this space, just recently introduced its latest racer for the upcoming World Solar Challenge.

New catalyst could cut cost of making hydrogen fuel

A discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may represent a significant advance in the quest to create a "hydrogen economy" that would use this abundant element to store and transfer energy.

Apple constructs Nevada solar farm

Already a significant solar player in North Carolina, where two 20-megawatt arrays feed a data center, Apple is taking on a big photovoltaic project in Nevada – this one 18 megawatts – to help power a new Reno-area data center.

An electric unicycle!?

A new electric, self-balancing unicycle was recently unveiled by the folks from Mobbo. It may actually not be that new, however, as it strongly resembles a very similar device we covered back in 2011.

Yes, this really is a flying electric bicycle

Have you ever thought to yourself that you wished you owned a flying electric bicycle? Well, maybe you haven’t, but some inventors out of the United Kingdom have, and are currently seeking crowd funding through Kickstarter to help kickstart their dream of one day unveiling Paravelo to the public.

A floating office made of reclaimed wood!?

Seeing bits of old wood floating down a river isn’t typically a noteworthy event. There are lots of natural reasons for wood to end up in a river.

This wooden ship has 21st century green technology

The San Francisco Bay Area, besides being a major hub for cutting edge technologies, is also a huge force in the area of water-based activities, be it recreational or commercial.

Nissan's ZEOD-RC is the fastest electric racing car

Nissan is looking to be dominant not only in the consumer electric vehicle space, but also on the race tracks. It is gunning to win at the Le Mans 24 Hours next year and beat the likes of Drayson Racing Technologies. To do this it will have to bring along a wicked fast electric car, and it may just have that in the newly unveiled ZEOD RC.

University of Michigan builds a next-gen solar car

The University of Michigan is known for being among the best of the annual North American Solar Challenge, netting the top spot in the solar-powered electric car race seven times.

This Chinese city is going green

Where you live can have a big impact on your health. Bad air quality, a lack of green space, or too much soul-crushing traffic, and your physical and emotional health can take a nosedive. The terrible thing is, we’re so used to these problems, that we consider them normal, and completely ignore the way they make us feel.

Powering seaports may be up next for hydrogen fuel cells

Providing auxiliary hydrogen power to docked or anchored ships may soon be added to the list of ways in which hydrogen fuel cells can provide efficient, emissions-free energy.

2014 Honda Accord hybrid may hit 49 MPG on city streets

Honda has unveiled some information about its forthcoming 2014 Accord Hybrid, set to go on-sale in the United States this coming October. Chief among the new details is word of an estimated, class-leading 49 MPG city fuel economy, though this is not yet officially confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Solar panels are getting thinner

Most efforts at improving solar cells have focused on increasing the efficiency of their energy conversion, or on lowering the cost of manufacturing. But now MIT researchers are opening another avenue for improvement, aiming to produce the thinnest and most lightweight solar panels possible.

Yes, this bicycle is made out of recycled cardboard

Almost a year ago, EarthTechling reported on an amazing DIY project that had the potential to revolutionize the bicycle industry. Izhar Gafni, an Israeli inventor and bike enthusiast made headlines when he demonstrated a working bike he’d made himself out of nothing but recycled cardboard.

These road-based power lines charge electric vehicles

One solution often seen with electric buses, and sometimes with electric trucks, is to power them via attachment to overhead power lines. This is both unsightly and can cause delays in scheduling should the vehicle’s power connector fall off the line.

Obama outlines renewable energy goals

The takeaway from President Obama’s climate change plan [PDF] from a renewable energy perspective: He’ll push for more.

Policy issues plague hydropower as wind power backup

Theoretically, hydropower can step in when wind turbines go still, but barriers to this non-polluting resource serving as a backup are largely policy- and regulation-based.

High-octane bacteria could help at the pump

New lines of engineered bacteria can tailor-make key precursors of high-octane biofuels that could one day replace gasoline.

All-electric Elektro E6 aircraft seats 6

Besides EADS, another company working in the development space for more sustainable aircraft is PC-Aero. Best known for the Elektra One all-electric aircraft, they have now set their sights on an even more ambitious undertaking: a two-engine, six seat all electric aircraft with solar panels called the Elektro E6.

This Electromobile scooter has three wheels

The evolution of electric scooters as more environmentally friendly and economical for the masses is a worthy goal, but they also must be practical.