Ford ramps up hybrid effort

Ford is seeing good movement in the U.S. electrified car market, particularly in the performance of its more hybrid focused vehicles.

Does wind power beat natural gas?

Xcel is on a wind roll. Days after announcing a subsidiary’s plans to purchase nearly 700 megawatts of wind power for customers in New Mexico and Texas, the company – thought not long ago to be souring on wind – turned its attention to the Upper Midwest, telling regulators it wanted to add 600 MW of power from three planned wind-farm projects to its portfolio.

Siemens shows off electric hybrid aircraft in Paris

The world of electric airplanes continues to expand as more and more well known companies get in on the act of developing aircraft for this sector of the aerospace industry.

Analyzing the earthquake-energy connection

The link between geothermal power production and earthquakes is one long since established, but new research is providing fresh insight into how Earth responds to this and other sorts of poking around underground that we do.

This UK tower could harvest pollution as fuel

Living in a genuine big city for the first time, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty and significance of a skyline.

Could geo-engineered clouds protect coral reefs?

Over the past 10 years, the negative effects of climate change have become vastly more apparent. Superstorms, extreme heat, floods and tornadoes are all complications caused by a planet that’s warmer and more polluted than ever before.

How to make "dumb" homes smart

Accurate information about what’s going on at home – both outside and in – is key when seeking energy savings.

100,000 plug-in electric vehicles sold in over the last two years

100,000 plug-in electric vehicles sold in over the last two years. That’s what advocacy group Plug In America recently celebrated with an Alabama man who purchased said vehicle a short ago. It was an ironic choice though, representing one of the lesser well selling of this classification of vehicle here in the United States.

This portable micro (green) house is made out of plywood

Are you a wanderluster? Do you sometimes look around at your stuff and your life, and feel the itch to strike out on the open road.

Solar robot gets an optimized makeover

The jury’s still out on the Qbotix solar tracking system, the one that uses a robot that runs along on what looks like a Lilliputian monorail to adjust the panels so they’re getting maximum sun exposure.

BMW details i3 electric car

BMW has driven a long road towards the development of production-ready electric vehicles for its worldwide audience. Looking back over our archives, we note the first instance we reported on being word of the German automaker testing out its ActiveE electric vehicle concept back in December of 2009.

This net-zero FluxHome adapts to the weather

Ever been planning a party and wished that you could open up some extra space by eliminating a few unnecessary walls? Ever wished you could swivel your home to avoid the late afternoon heat that pours through South-facing windows?

Bluebird DC50 is one slick electric car

Bluebird Electric out of the United Kingdom aims to "capture the world land speed record for electric vehicles."

OnBeat solar headphones keep your smartphone charged

One of my favorite things about reporting on clean technology trends, is watching the change in design perspective.

This solar car is shaped like a teardrop

The unveiling of college student designed and built solar cars for the upcomingWorld Solar Challenge continues with the debut from the University of Cambridge of Resolution.

Designing a solar AIR house

Could you live in a single room house? I’m guessing more than one of us has spent time in a tiny apartment, but we sure didn’t like it. The idea of building a one-room house seems archaic and claustrophobic, but maybe that’s because we’re looking at the idea of rooms all wrong.

GM and Honda team up on fuel cell tech

The race to develop fuel cell vehicles for what automakers hope will be an interested consumer audience has mildly been heating up of late.

Eindhoven University of Technology designs a family solar car

Unveiling of vehicles for the upcoming World Solar Challenge - an 1,800-mile, week-long endurance contest across the continent of Australia that takes place every other fall and makes use of college built solar powered cars – looks to be kicking into full swing now.

Scientists spy on lithium ions

Lithium ion batteries are at the energetic heart of almost all things tech, from cell phones to tablets to electric vehicles. That’s because they are a proven technology, light, long-lasting and powerful. But they aren’t perfect.

A 300,000 mile fuel cell for hydrogen vehicles?

Would fuel cell vehicles be more appealing to you if they had a fuel source that was comparable to the best light-weight diesel engines? Or, more simply put, could offer you the equivalent of 300,000 driven miles?