Fuel cells that run on wastewater

  Professor Bruce Logan of Penn State University has got a cool YouTube show and tell on a microbial fuel cell. Flush your toilet; recharge your batteries. Could be a new way at looking at wastewater.  

Testing batteries made of wood

Get ready to throw all of your assumptions about how to make a battery right out the window. Scientists at the University of Maryland are working on a powerful new battery that could help reduce hazardous waste usually associated with power storage. The main ingredient? Wood.

Wind turbines get the green light in Louisiana

They don’t really do wind power in the South – mainly because they don’t do much wind, with the exception of the occasional devastating hurricane of course.

UCLA researchers double efficiency of novel solar cell

Nearly doubling the efficiency of a breakthrough photovoltaic cell they created last year, UCLA researchers have developed a two-layer, see-through solar film that could be placed on windows, sunroofs, smartphone displays and other surfaces to harvest energy from the sun.

BMW's electric i3 hits the road

BMW formally unveiled its first mass production electric car, the i3, yesterday to a global audience. It is the first product of the German automaker’s i sub-brand of green cars, and will price for around $41,350 before tax rebates and the like. Release plans here in the United States are set for the second quarter of next year.

This light is powered by gravity

EarthTechling has featured LED lights powered by solar energy, wind energy, and even human energy. But each of these has obvious limitations–sometimes there’s no direct sunlight, the wind won’t blow, or you don’t feel like cranking on a handle.

Acura NSX hybrid supercar to debut in August

It has been a few months since we heard anything about Honda’s upcoming Acura NSX hybrid supercar. The Japanese automaker brought the vehicle back from retired supercar status first as as a concept at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Toyota touts Winglet EV

Japan seems a bit like an electric vehicle playground and testing lab for the automakers over there. You’ve already got Honda and Nissan field testing micro electric cars in conjunction with partners for study of how they perform under various real world scenarios, and now Toyota is in on the act as well.

Is this the future of solar cars?

As the days countdown to the upcoming World Solar Challenge in Australia, in which college student solar car teams race 3000 km across the Outback, the number of vehicles being unveiled continues to creep up. One of the latest is from the University of Minnesota, which took the wraps off its Daedalus entry last Thursday.

Report: Cost of Arctic methane release could be "size of global economy"

Economic modelling shows that the methane emissions caused by shrinking sea ice from just one area of the Arctic could come with a global price tag of 60 trillion dollars - the size of the world economy in 2012.

This EcoHabit house intelligently conserves energy

What if, instead of installing gadgets and systems that create a smart home after the fact, we built them into the initial design? That’s a question that will soon be answered by an entry into the 2013 Solar Decathlon that has been nicknamed "EcoHabit."

BMW details and prices i3 EV

BMW, which recently shared a range of technical specifications on its upcoming first mass produced electric car known as the i3, has now made available official pricing information ahead of its July 29 world debut.

Revamped Honda Fit hybrid ready to hit the road

Honda, already on American roads with one of the most fuel efficient electric vehicles out there, is now aiming to up its game in the hybrid space as it tries to take back market share from Toyota.

Yes, renewables are slowly gaining ground in the US

Americans used less energy in 2012 than they did in 2011, and the energy they did use was more likely to come from cleaner sources than it used to, as natural gas, solar and wind made gains and coal declined.

Gearing up for electric car racing

The world of electric racing got a big boost in name recognition this week when renowned IndyCar team Andretti Autosport, led by household racing name Michael Andretti, became the latest entry in the upcoming FIA Formula E Championship.

Climate forecasts shown to warn of crop failures

Scientists found that in about one-third of global cropland, temperature and soil moisture have strong relationships to the yield of wheat and rice at harvest. For those two key crops, a computer model could predict crop failures three months in advance for about 20 percent of global cropland, according to the study, published July 21 in Nature Climate Change.

DALE is a solar-powered shape-shifting micro house

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with tiny houses. I love how affordable, efficient, and portable they can be, not to mention how they force us to eliminate all but the most essential personal possessions.

This offshore wind turbine is also an apartment

To that EarthTechling commenter who frequently inveighs against wind power structures as “visual intrusions … wind skyscrapers on landscapes and seascapes,” dude, this isn’t for you. Then again, if you’re perched atop one, maybe a giant wind turbine doesn’t look so bad.

Transforming your old smartphone into a security system

Do you have old phones collecting dust somewhere in your house? Be honest. I certainly do, shoved into my desk and tucked into dresser drawers.

Be.e is a more natural electric scooter

Electric scooters, with their small physical footprint and non-gas powered drivetrain, are pretty good for the planet right? Sure, but there’s always room for improvement, especially when you consider what toxic materials were likely used to construct the two wheeled vehicle beneath your butt.