62 trillion spam e-mails = power used by 1.5 million homes

There is no day without some news about how many emissions are caused by a certain circumstance in our lives. So, it was just a matter of time when we would get some indication of how virtual spam is polluting our real environment. The numbers are convincing and yes, it is bad. But how much truth and real life usage is in those numbers?   

Beam me down: PG&E moves into space solar power

This one may make you speechless. It is so obvious in its idea that you wonder why no one else has thought of it before, yet it sounds like a plot from a 1960s science fiction movie: Collect solar energy in space, convert it into radio signals, send it down to Earth and change it into electricity. Fascinating.

100 mpg automotive X PRIZE contest underway, 136 vehicles, $10M

Progressive Insurance is hosting the Automobile X-Prize, which has now announced the full list of registered teams who have been accepted into the competition. The 111 separate teams include 136 vehicles, 14 different fuel sources, with 25 states in the U.S. represented, and 11 countries in all. The $10 million prize will be given to the team that not only makes it beyond 100 mpg in a four-passenger car, but also does it the fastest.

New technology extracts energy from moving vehicles

New Energy Technologies claims to have developed a device that is able to harvest the kinetic energy from moving vehicles and convert it into electricity. One day, the company believes, its MotionPower device could be efficient enough to be powering street lights and roadway signs.

Segway and GM develop two-wheeled city vehicle

Segway and General Motors (GM) describe it as Project PUMA, but there is really other way to describe this device as a Segway scooter with two seats and a roof. It is just a prototype at this time, but if this vehicle becomes a reality it may not only give GM better cards when dealing with the government and its bailout, but also make us rethink how we get around town.

Sea ice coverage down by 278,000 square miles

Earlier today we learned about the massive retreat of glaciers in Antarctica and now we are hearing from NASA that average Arctic sea ice coverage is decreasing at a stunning pace. Thin seasonal ice – ice that melts and re-freezes every year - now makes up about 70% of arctic ice in the winter, up from only 40 to 50% in the 1980s and 1990s.

Survey reveals massive loss of Antarctica glaciers

Antarctica’s glaciers may be retreating at a much faster pace than previously believed, a new study released by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) indicates. One major ice shelf has completely disappeared and another shelf three times the size of Rhode Island has broken off since 1986, the maps reveal.

UPDATED: Sharp introduces outdoor-use LED lighting, solar powered

Sharp has introduced a line of scalable 1800 lumen LED-based lighting fixtures appropriate for permanent outdoor use (roughly the same illumination as a traditional 250 Watt flood light per head). While two of the three models introduced are traditional AC power units which would sit atop utility poles, one model can operate on either AC power, or DC from power stored by an included solar panel and battery assembly.

Scientists confirm Cold Fusion experiment

It was reported and presented during a meeting of the American Chemical Society that researchers from the U.S. Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) have observed lab-controlled cold fusion. Whether or not it's possible to create and manage cold fusion is a subject debated endlessly since 1989 when Martin Fleishmann and Stanly Pons claimed to have achieved cold fusion within the confines of their laboratory.

Taiwan government helping solar and LED industries

Taiwan's government has approved a 5-year budget of US$8.8 billion (NT$30 billion) for the support of the nation's "renewable R&D projects". A specific focus is given to the solar energy and LED industries, according to DigiTimes.

Microsoft promises to cut carbon emissions by 30% by 2012

Microsoft jumps on the green train and says that it intends to cut almost one third of the carbon emissions caused by the company today.

Maldives try to become first total carbon neutrality country by 2020

The President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, said Sunday in a statement, that within the next ten years the Maldives, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, has plans to shift entirely to renewable energy sources in an effort to become the world's first carbon-neutral country. "We aim to become carbon-neutral in a decade," he said.

New greenhouse gas discovered: Sulfuryl fluoride, 4800x worse than CO2

A team of international researchers have discovered that Sulfuryl fluoride, a gas typically utilized in the repellant and control of insects, actually has an impact on global warming and is most definitely considered a greenhouse gas. In fact, though most are familiar with carbon dioxide (CO2) the effect of Sulfuryl flouride on global warming is 4,800 times worse than CO2. Lucky for us, the gas has a maximum lifespan of 36 years, and is not currently produced in high quantities so its ill fated effects can be halted prior to the occurrence of devastating effects.

AT&T converting to natural gas on 8,000 fleet vehicles

Over the next five years, as part of a project costing $350 million dollars, AT&T will buy and convert 8,000 Ford Motor Company vans and trucks over to natural gas (AT&T currently has 88,000 vehicles in its entire fleet). This move is the single largest commitment ever by a U.S. corporation toward using alternative fueled vehicles.

Scientists claim water levels will rise much faster than expected

Scientists attending the International Scientific Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen today said that sea levels may rise this century at about twice the pace previously predicted.  The new forecast claims that by 2100, the climate change could cause sea levels to rise by as much as 39 inches.

Al Gore backs Dot Eco LLC, seeks to create .eco domain

While .COM, .NET and .ORG are the oldest top-level domains on the Internet, other more recent additions have included .GOV, .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME and .TV. A suggested porn-only .XXX domain was defeated back in 2007. And now Al Gore, the former vice-president, and his Alliance for Climate Protection, are both backing a group called Dot Eco LLC that would like to see .ECO added as an official domain for raising environmental awareness. Could we someday be visiting www.algore.eco?

Eleanor: MIT's 90 mph solar-powered racecar

Boston (MA) - The latest among the solar race car designs produced by MIT looks outrageous, and directly from space, however it is capable of achieving speeds of up to 90 mph and is equipped with technology that could eventually reach the EV's and hybrids that many of us will actually drive. SLIDESHOW: Eleanor, the 90 mph solar powered racecar

California targets semiconductor industry for huge greenhouse gas reduction

California's Air Resources Board voted unanimously yesterday to regulate "some of the most potent gases produced by the semiconductor industry, which makes chips for cell phones, computer and cars." Some of the gases in question are fluorinated gases, which reportedly have a 23,000 times greater greenhouse effect on the Earth than does CO2.

Toyota wants to build a car from seaweed

With the entire world looking for green alternatives, Toyota is in talks regarding an ultra lightweight, incredibly efficient plug-in hybrid with a body made of seaweed. The vehicle could potentially be seen in showrooms in 15 years, but it’s definitely not coming any time soon.

Ericsson Plans 100 Solar-Powered Cellular Base Stations in Africa

In remote locations it's often very expensive to build generators or run power lines from remote power sources for whatever the need, even hospitabls. But in Africa, the desire by cell phone companies to "reach out and touch someone", even in extremely remote areas, is being overcome today through the use of one of that continent's most abundant resources: sunlight. Ericsson will begin by adding 100 base stations used for cellular phones, each of which will be at least partially powered by solar energy.