These electric buses will soon be solar powered

Though most of the time when you hear about electric buses these days it is because of Chinese manufacturer BYD, others do have contributions to the developing mass transit space as well. One of these is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is supplying two units in “a zero emissions transportation system being planned by the city of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.”

Unstable Atlantic deep ocean circulation under future climate conditions

Today, deep waters formed in the northern North Atlantic fill approximately half of the deep ocean globally. In the process, this impacts on the circum-Atlantic climate, regional sea level, and soak up much of the excess atmospheric carbon dioxide from industrialisation — helping to moderate the effects of global warming.

A sneak peek at tomorrow's automated electric car

How might it be possible to improve upon the already popular, tech heavy Tesla Model S electric sedan? Turn it over to creative auto concept designers Rinspeed. This outfit, which has turned out some rather interesting designs over the years, is taking to the Geneva Motor Show later this year with XchangeE, an autonomous driving design idea.

Powering buses with banana peels and coffee grounds

Up to 50,000 tons of food waste a year won’t be going into landfills in Norway. It’ll be going into buses. How’s that? Well, the grimy grub will become transportation fuel at a new Wärtsilä-built biogas liquefaction plant outside Oslo.

Report: Ivanpah solar plant powers 140,000 homes

It was a phrase repeated a thousand times last week: The newly dedicated Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System will generate enough electricity “to power 140,000 homes,” the stories went. But what exactly does that mean?

Report: Wind power helps lower electricity prices

The price of electricity has dropped in states that have developed extensive wind power over the past five years. It’s just a slight drop, but here’s the kicker: the other states have seen a hefty rise.

Ocean energy goes crowdfunding

They talk about the “valley of death” that technology startups face. Maybe for ocean energy it ought to be called the Mariana Trench of death. It’s deep, with precious little funding floating around to help a new wave or advanced tidal concept make it to the commercial prototype stage in the long development process.

Rhode Island offshore wind farm gets giant 6-MW turbines

The blades for five giant wind turbines from the French company Alstom will be delivered to Deepwater Wind in Europe in April under a contract announced this week. So when will Deepwater be able to put them to use in what could be the first offshore wind farm in the U.S.? Not nearly as soon as hoped.

World's largest solar thermal plant goes online

Whether you see it as a brash and impressive American feat of energy engineering in the tradition of Hoover and Grand Coulee dams, or a blight on nature in the tradition of, uh, Hoover and Grand Coulee dams, it’s here. Ivanpah is here.

This hybrid has its own drone

French automotive brand Renault, at an auto show in India recently, unveiled a new plug-in hybrid concept “aimed at meeting the needs of young customers in new markets as closely as possible.” It is its first concept car to be unveiled outside of Europe, and it’s known as the Kwid Concept. Oh, yeah, and it comes with its own drone.

Kia unveils slick Niro hybrid concept

Kia Motors, normally relatively quiet on the alternative automotive front, has been busy in the last week. Not only did it showcase the 2014 Optima Hybrid in Chicago at an auto show, but it also used that venue to unveil its Soul EV electric car. One other offering turning up there is well, and making its U.S. debut, was the Niro hybrid urban lifestyle concept vehicle.

This house uses mushrooms as insulation

ast spring, we explored the fascinating work of Ecovative Design, an upstate New York company that was expanding from using fungi as the basis for greener-than-plastics shipping materials into the building insulation realm.

Used EV batteries put to work

As older hybrids and electric cars start to reach the end of the life cycle for the high density batteries installed in them, research has been going on to what exactly can be done with the energy storage devices to keep them out of landfill.

SunCycle is a solar-electric cargo bike

NTS Works, which last year brought us the 2×4 Cargo Bike as an electric bike option, is back again with a new offering which combines solar and pedal power to propel it forward. Known as the SunCycle, it is set to price for around $4,100 when it goes on sale in April.

Report: Natural gas caused CA grid alert

Conservation groups pointed to last week’s shortage-induced grid alert in California as one more reason to back off on natural gas and go harder with renewables.

Tuk Tuks may be going hydrogen

What’s dubbed the world’s first affordable hydrogen fuel cell mass transport vehicle is set to be unveiled in concept form this week at an auto show in India.

Feds pay out $30 million for more efficient solar

ARPA-E, the federal program that backs revolutionary energy research and that even Mitt Romney supported during the 2012 campaign, emerged with about $100 million less than the Obama administration wanted when the fiscal year 2014 budget was finally put to bed [PDF].

2014 Honda Civic hybrid boasts improved fuel economy

Honda trails in Toyota’s hybrid wake, but that doesn’t mean it is giving up the ship anytime soon. To this end the automaker is launching today the 2014 Civic Hybrid, with improved fuel economy over previous years, and also a natural gas model Civic that’s on sale come February 15 in some 37 states.

Feds want West Coast offshore wind power to move forward

A wind power project in waters off the Oregon coast took another step forward on Wednesday. It’s a project with loads of potential, but don’t get too excited yet – there’s still a long way to go before it’s a reality.

Fuel cell vehicles are weathering winter chill

What’s the performance like for fuel cell vehicles in adverse cold weather conditions? A couple of operators of fleets of Toyota fuel cell SUVs found out recently via the record cold spells that have been hitting the East Coast, particularly in the northeast part of the country.