Solar-powered paramotor makes record journey

A British family has completed the world's first solar powered paramotor flight, covering 2,000km from Monaco to Morocco.

2011 Volt gets stunning 230 mpg EPA rating

The U.S. Environmental protection Agency (EPA) has given the 2011 Chevrolet Volt a fuel efficiency rating of 230 mpg, General Motors announced today.

Solar cell production soars as demand falls

Oversupply and glut are the order of the day in the solar cell market as production rises while demand sinks. That may well lead to some companies going to the wall.

Toyota hybrid does 68 miles for $2.50

A Toyota hybrid vehicle has achieved an estimated 431-mile range on a single tank of compressed hydrogen in government tests.

India asks for help with solar energy plan

The Indian government has come up with an ambitious plan for solar energy - but is asking western nations to foot the bill.

Hybrid vehicle rebates are money down the drain

Hybrid vehicle rebates are a waste of the tax-payer's money, a new UBC study says, serving mainly to prop up the auto industry.

Upset your loved ones a bit more when you die

People keen to twist the knife in their grieving loved ones' guts after they're dead can now do it quickly and conveniently thanks to a new online service.

Captain Kirk declares war on HP

Greenpeace activists climbed to the top of HP's global headquarters yesterday, and a voice mail from William Shatner was delivered to all the phones in the building with an automated system.

Via makes design win with one watt Eden chip

Fujitsu is to use a 500MHz Eden ultra low voltage processor in its next generation thin client products.

Top 10 uses for your Blackberry

Just for the crack, for the gammon and for the gash

Bill Gates reckons he can control the weather

Bill Gates, along with a bunch of co-inventors, has applied for patents on technology aimed at dampening hurricanes.

MIT team wants to track your trash

Hoping to get people thinking more about their garbage, an MIT team is planning to tag thousands of items of trash in New York, Seattle and London.

UK pledges massive marine power investment

The world's largest wave farm is to be built off the coast of south-west England under plans announced today.

Global warming theories 'incomplete'

Our best guesses about global warming are probably wrong: that's the conclusion of a report from scientists at Rice University. 

40 Watt LED says "let there be 2,000 lumens of light"

A US company said it has introduced a 9mm by 9mm multi-chip LED (light emitting diode) that can belt out up to 2,000 lumens.

Arctic thick ice disappearing at dramatic pace, NASA says

NASA’s Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) provides new clues about the presence of ice in the Arctic and you already know the picture isn’t pretty. Critical thick ice coverage has dropped by a staggering 595,000 square miles, more than the land size of the U.S.’ largest state - Alaska - in just four years.

Panasonic creates a robotic drug dealer

Japanese giant Panasonic has created a robot that will dole out drugs to patients and that's set to happen very soon.

Swine flu is a pig of a disease

By the end of August 100,000 people a day will succumb to the swine flu virus in the UK, the government said today.

Permafrost survey fuels global warming fears

The amount of frozen carbon stored in the arctic and northern areas of the world is more than twice that previously estimated, increasing fears over climate change.

Solar-powered plane prepares for world's first night flight

The world's first solar powered plane designed to fly day and night, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA, has been unveiled. Its first night flight is expected to take place next year.