CO2 levels 'stable since 1850'

Another global warming myth bites the dust

Retreat of glaciers locks up carbon

So it's not all bad

Ashmolean in Oxford re-opens this weekend

Oldest public museum in world

25 laziest cities in America unveiled

Mobile is immobile

UK court rules that global warming is a religious belief, not science

A British man has been told he can take his employer to tribunal on the grounds he was unfairly dismissed because his views on climate change constitute a religious belief.

GM is world's least green automobile maker

North American automobile manufacturers are bottom of the sustainability league, according to the largest ever global study of the sector's performance.

1010 reasons why digital is better than analog

Yesterday we suggested 10 reasons why analog is better than digital. It's only fair to put the other side of the argument. Here are 10 compelling reasons why digital beats analog hands down.

10 reasons why analog is better than digital

The difference between analog and digital isn't like the difference between chalk and cheese.

Yes Men get No Men! You're sued!

The pranksters who pretended they worked for the US Chamber of Commerce and issued a press release last week have received a writ for their trouble yesterday.

Flexible solar power modules unveiled

A US company, Ascent Solar Technologies (tick:ASTI) said it has release a set of flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules to the marketplace.

Peer pressure can lead to big energy savings

Small energy-saving measures by consumers really can make a big difference, according to Michigan State University scientists, and peer pressure is the best way to achieve them.

Global warming scepticism rising faster than temperatures

As scientists question the greenness of biofuels, the number of Americans who believe the planet is warming due to man-made pollution is at its lowest point in three years, according to a survey.

Cost of solar energy declines

Photo voltaic (PV) systems in the US are getting to be better value, according to the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). The average cost fell by more than 30 percent from 1998 to 2008, dropping four percent between 2007 and 2008. "A goal of government incentive programs is to help drive the cost of PV systems lower. One purpose of this study is to provide reliable information about the costs of installed systems over time," says report co-author Ryan Wiser.

Solar-powered bags can recharge phones

Hong Kong company Mascotte Industrial Associates is developing a line of backpacks, e-book covers, camera bags and messenger bags containing solar cells.

Spider acquires taste for green leaves

A spider that eats the tips of acacia plants rather than biting insects in its jaw and sucking them to death is probably the first predominantly vegetarian arachnid.

Fleet of electric Minis sallies forth

Twenty British drivers left home yesterday, smug in the knowledge that their driving is costing them less than a penny a mile.

Global warming debate hots up

Cutting non-CO2 pollutants could buy the world a lot more time before global warming hits the critical two degrees celcius threshold, according to Nobel Laureate Dr Mario Molina.

Solar cell powers LG e-reader

LG Display has developed a solar-powered e-reader, which it says gives a day's power after four or five hours in the sun.

Dune city designed for water wars

Although perhaps better known for its underworld gang wars, a group of students wants to build an underground city in the Nevada desert which can handle water wars.

Recession good news for polar bears, says IEA

The recession is ‘a window of opportunity to curb climate change and build a low-carbon future’, says the International Energy Agency (IEA).