Volvo touts V60 plug-in hybrid

Volvo is turning up the volume on what looks to be a pretty loud launch of its new plug-in hybrid diesel. The company said it would display the car at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and dropped some tidbits of info about the vehicle.

Team proposes floating solar panels

One of the biggest problems with large-scale solar power is the vast amount of land area required. Deserts such as the Sahara have been suggested, but a team from Israel's Solaris Synergy and France's EDF Group have another idea - put them on the water.

NOAA cleared of data misuse

An independent federal review has concluded that scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration did not manipulate climate data to shore up the evidence for global warming.

This PiCycle has WiFi Tracking Tech

Interested in electric bicycles, but hesitant to invest the necessary cash, seeing as how your last bike got lifted? 

Fear not, as the new PiCycle e-bike offers the option of integrated Wi-Fi-based technology - not only to remotely monitor the bike’s performance, but to track it if it’s stolen. 

Canadians more likely than Americans to believe in global warming

A new survey - the first explicitly to compare US and Canadian attitudes to climate change - has found that Canadians are vastly more likely to believe in global warming.

Porsche to showcase Panamera S hybrid

Porsche certainly has done a couple of cool things in recent weeks, including showing off its Boxster E electric car and a 911 GT3 R hybrid with the names of Facebook fans printed on it. 

Both of these are overshadowed, however, by news that the automaker plans to debut at the Geneva Motor Show a hybrid based upon the popular Panamera design.

Infiniti M hybrid gets 32 MPG on the highway

Infiniti boasted last fall that its M hybrid, due for a spring 2012 release, would be the only vehicle to offer more than 350 horsepower and 30 miles per gallon fuel economy, making it "the first true luxury performance ‘driver’s’ hybrid."

Rolls-Royce develops all-electric Phantom prototype

Rolls-Royce cars have never been known for their fuel efficiency - after all, if you can afford to buy one, you're probably not that concerned about the price of gas.

This DUO electric vehicle is a funky looking ride

The DUO is a two-person electric trike that looks like a car, and it will be available for around $24,995 in March of this year, according to 
Autoblog Green.

White House builds case for ARPA-E

With budget battles looming, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) made a preemptive strike in support of one of its boldest clean-energy programs, the Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), detailing how six projects that received $23.6 million in seed funding had gone on to pull in more than $100 million in venture capital investment.

Gorgeous Himiko EV claims 340 mile range

First thought upon seeing the EV Himiko: What a beauty. But what lurks inside the classic roadster and what it might be capable of doing make it downright fascinating.

 With 168 lithium polymer cells it boasts a range approaching 550 kilometers (km) - around 341 miles - on a single charge, according to a report from DigInfo TV.

Hydrogen cartridges could power laptops and phones

Signa Chemistry has developed hydrogen cartridges which supply energy to fuel cells that recharge cell phones, laptops and GPS units.

Smart grid meets smart plug

ThinkEco has been marketing the Modlet as a standalone product to help reduce energy waste, but with various smart-grid and home energy management tools on their way it's not surprising to see the company looking for ways to make sure their product continues to fit in. 

Thawing permafrost to release vast quantities of carbon

Up to two-thirds of Earth's permafrost will probably disappear by 2200, say scientists, unleashing vast quantities of carbon into the atmosphere.

Geologists tap magma as high-grade energy source

Geologists have been testing a technique to generate energy from magma, after molten rock unexpectedly flowed into an exploratory well they'd been drilling in Iceland.

Car crosses Australia using wind power

A wind-powered car has just completed its first long road trip - from Perth to Sydney - at a cost of just $15.

BMW supermoto 'cycle goes electric 

Electric motorcycles have been gaining ground in the racing world, and Miika Mahonen, an industrial designer from San Francisco, thinks BMW should make one ASAP. 

US coastal cities vulnerable as sea level rises

Rising sea levels could threaten an average of nine percent of the land within 180 US coastal cities by 2100.

Spray-on solar glass promises renewable energy for the masses

We've seen New Energy Technologies announce a series of advances in its attempt to turn windows into solar panels, and now the company says it has a working, 1-square-foot see-through glass prototype capable of generating electricity. 

Report: Stimulus funds help renewables

Just how well has the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) done in increasing the nation's renewable energy capacity? 

According to SBI Energy's new report, "ARRA Report Card: Two Years Later," the U.S. is making significant progress toward attaining the Obama administration's goal of doubling renewable generation capacity in the country over the next two years.