A net zero eco village concept for Haiti

Regional bio-mimicry, anyone? A new green housing prototype known as The Coral Reef, designed for the rebuilding of Haiti, makes use of stackable, modular prefab modules to create an undulating, reef-like eco-village.

Climate change damaging ancient treasures

Climate change is destroying important archaeological remains that have been frozen for thousands of years, a study has shown.

Navy 'underprepared' for climate change

Climate change could have major implications for the US Navy, a report from the National Research Council has warned.

Web app reveals your nitrogen footprint

You’ve worked hard to reduce your carbon footprint. But what about your nitrogen footprint? 

Green buildings make owners more cash

We all know that green buildings are good for the environment. But how well do they perform financially? 

'Global warming' vs. 'climate change': terminology matters

Do you believe in global warming? How about climate change? A new study has shown that words matter, with more Americans saying they believe in the phenomenon when it's referred to as climate change.

This electric quad is clean and green

Most greenies, in general, wouldn’t be caught dead on a quad. But what if that four-wheeled, off-road vehicle were running on clean, green electricity? 

Stealth debuts all-terrain electric bikes 

Stealth Electric Bikes has launched two new all-terrain models in the American market: The Fighter and The Bomber. 

Zero XU electric motorcycle saddles up

It wasn’t too long ago that electric motorcycle company Zero Motorcycles overhauled its 2011 lineup, unveiling what was said to be "sweeping technical improvements."

Taurus electric glider takes to the skies

The Taurus Electro G2 is not a new electric vehicle from Ford - it is, rather, a new breed of light aircraft from Pipistrel.

Hyundai's hydrogen Tucson ix FCEV debuts

Hyundai introduced their latest hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV), the Tucson ix FCEV, at the Washington, D.C. Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Conference recently. 

Antarctic images show ice sheet forming in unexpected way

The Antarctic ice sheet is forming and reforming in a completely different way to what was previously believed, a new study has revealed.

Researchers design new hydrogen fuel cell

Bing Energy has announced it is partnering with Florida State University to develop a new form of fuel-cell under an exclusive agreement. 

More big snowstorms on the way as world's climate warms

Massive snowstorms like those that hit the US and Europe last winter are likely to become more frequent, says the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), thanks to global warming.

Urban League wants inner city green zones

The National Urban League, looking to leverage the Obama administration's interest in boosting renewable energy development, is calling for the creation of Green Empowerment Zones. 

This Lexus CT 200h Hybrid is one tricked-out vehicle

The upcoming CT 200h is the most affordable of the Lexus hybrids, with a base price of $29,120, which might be exactly why the Toyota luxury division decided to spice things up a bit at the recent Chicago Auto Show, putting the car modifier Five Axis to work on it.

Are LED lights hazardous to your health?

Reds are the worst. They have eight times the amount of lead allowed under California law. But all of the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) tested by UC Irvine scientists were brimming with toxins - lead, arsenic and many other potentially hazardous substances - linked to cancer and other horrible diseases and maladies.

Zero-emission vehicles finish 17,000-mile race

An 80-day, 17,000-mile electric car road race has ended in Geneva, with three of the original four entrants reaching the finishing line.

Firm makes diesel directly from sunlight

Massachusetts biotech company Joule Unlimited says it's demonstrated a process for generating pure diesel directly from solar energy.

New electric bike emerges from the Shadow

You might remember the Shadow Ebike from last spring, when we introduced the electric bicycle and reported that manufacturer Daymak was planning to do a production run of 300 bikes in June 2010. We also told you the bike would go for $1,499.