High speed rail in Vegas hits blackjack

Nevada Senator Harry Reid and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently publicly announced the Federal Railroad Administration's final environmental impact statement for the $6 billion high-speed DesertXpress project, which will connect Las Vegas to Southern California. 

Contrails warm world more than CO2 emissions

Aircraft contrails do more to warm the planet than their exhaust fumes, a new study has found.

Amazon forest becoming less green

Satellite data is revealing an Amazon rainforest that's decidedly less green than usual, showing the catastrophic effects of last year's record-breaking drought.

Volvo heats C30 Electric with bio-ethanol

Temperature extremes, be they hot or cold, generally cause problems for vehicles of all types, but even moderately cold weather can be crippling to both electric and fuel cell vehicles.

Public solar charger juices portables

Much has been made recently about electric vehicle charging stations and attendant public infrastructure - but what about all of our power-hungry gadgets?

MIT develops low-cost artificial leaf

MIT scientists have created what they say is the world's first practical 'artificial leaf', a solar cell the size of a playing card that mimics photosynthesis.

First Fisker Karma hybrid finally being built

When we last reported on the Fisker Automotive Karma luxury plug-in hybrid, it was appearing at the Geneva Auto Show as word spread it would finally go into production in the month of March.

DIY wind turbine project goes open source

If you live in an area that sees a fair amount of wind and you’d like to reduce your utility bill by harnessing some of that wind power, a wind turbine might be a good idea. 

New Hampshire brewery goes solar

Citizens of the Granite State are no strangers to sustainable living, nor to fine micro-brewed beer.

Ecofriendly method extracts oil from sand

A new technique can extract oil from fouled beaches, and is also a more environmentally friendly way of exploiting tar sands, says a  team of researchers at Penn State University.

Voltitude e-bike rides big, folds small

An electric bicycle inspired by a city scooter or a city scooter inspired by an electric bicycle? 

Flat eco skyscraper preserves landscape

Recently, we brought you the first place winner of this year's eVolo Magazine Skyscraper Competition, the LO2P Recycling Skycraper from Atelier CMJN of France. 

Intense global warming was frequent in ancient past

Frequent periods of intense global warming took place in the distant past, say researchers at UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Green Automotive preps all-electric SUV for U.S. market

Green Automotive appears to be one step closer to being perhaps the first to market with an all-electric SUV in the United States.

This wind turbine charges your smartphone

In most cases, if you’re placing your cell phone near the window to re-charge, you’re relying on a solar charger to provide the juice. 

Britain working on solar-powered soldiers

Britain's working on a new personal power pack for troops that should be half the weight of conventional models.

Arctic facing record ozone loss

Ozone levels over the Arctic have been plummeting in recent days, and look to be heading for a record loss.

Multi-core voltage regulator extends battery life

As the technology built into battery powered devices like laptops and cell phones advances, so does their demand for power.

GE takes electric cars on feel good tour

General Electric (GE) has a general interest in all things electric, the future of the electric vehicle (EV) in particular. 

BMW, Peugeot to co-develop new hybrids

BMW and Peugeot have both announced their intentions to invest 100 million EUR ($139 million) into another joint venture that they've dubbed: "BMW Peugeot Citroën Electrification."