Edible green curtains cool Kyocera buildings

Kyocera has been doing some interesting things of late, mainly around solar. 

Clean energy to power an entire island

The small island of El Hierro – iron in Spanish – is located in the Canary Islands 1,500 miles off the coast of Spain.

'Garbage patch' fish found full of plastic

North Pacific fish are eating tens of thousands of tons of plastic debris, say researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.

Multiferroic alloy turns waste heat to energy

Engineering researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered a new alloy capable of converting heat directly into electricity. 

A fuel-electric hybrid air car shall fly

Trek Aerospace is one of those laid back Silicon Valley companies people have likely seen an invention of in action, but didn't know it was developed by them.

New Northwest Passage triggers mass species migration

Warming oceans are triggering an enormous movement of marine species, say scientists, and could threaten North Atlantic fishing stocks.

Are renewables edging out coal & nuclear?

With recent news indicating that both solar and wind power generation is on the the rise and looking stronger every year, it might be natural to wonder if renewable energy is dethroning fossil-fuel based electricity production. 

This ethanol refinery is self-powered

A central issue of the food vs. fuel debate has long been the use of farmland for growing crops for biofuels.

Biofuel crops come to Ohio, Pennsylvania

The USDA will establish a new Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) for the creation of a biomass facility at the Port of Ashtabula, as well as convert acres of land across Ohio and Pennsylvania for biomass crops.

Biomass air fuel looks ready for take off

Biofuels have moved from simply fueling cars to fueling fighter jets and now commercial planes.

Mongo size solar energy evolves in California

Ground has been broken on what will reportedly become the world’s largest solar facility. 

Google and Citi increase wind power investments

Remember the other day how we mentioned search engine powerhouse Google has dumped something like $680 million into various clean energy projects? 

Team finds new source of green electricity

University of Minnesota engineers say they've discovered a completely new way of generating electricity.

Solar power feeds into Israeli power grid

The desert might seem like the most obvious place to take advantage of solar power, but most view the space as barren wasteland.

KLM fuels planes with old cooking oil

Next time you enjoy a plate of pommes frites, you can feel smug that you're doing your bit for the environment. Dutch airline KLM has announced plans to use recycled cooking oil to fuel planes on its Paris to Amsterdam route.

This EV is inspired by Star Wars

The Star Wars prequels have stirred up a lot of things, but even if you loathe the most recent movies, we think you’ll enjoy this electric vehicle the films inspired.

Large solar project planned by McGraw-Hill

Publisher McGraw-Hill, along with NJR Clean Energy Ventures (NJRCEV), announced plans recently to build what is said will be the largest privately-owned and net-metered solar project in the Western Hemisphere. 

Energy savings helps military make money

The U.S. military has put an increasing emphasis on eco-friendly ops in recent years, and now Fort George G. Meade in Maryland is joining that effort.

Concept tablet recharges via finger energy

Recently, Designboom offered a challenge to designers: imagine future computing. 

European solar worth $10 billion to Chinese

China, China, China - yup, we know, we write a lot about that country's green technology advances. 

It isn't a perfect world over there, with trade issues around wind power and all being just one hiccup of many.