Climate change making animals shrink

Many plant and animal species around the world are shrinking, thanks to climate change, National University of Singapore researchers say.

Victorian era bridge goes solar steampunk

The Blackfriars Bridge over the River Thames was constructed back in Victorian times, and now it’s getting a distinctly steampunk facelift with the addition of 4,400 photovoltaic panels. 

Artificial photosynthesis closer to reality

Photosynthesis is the process that allows plants to use solar energy to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) and water into sugars and other hydrocarbons. 

Biomass jet fuel takes off

Seattle biofuel producer Imperium Renewables and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are developing a new catalytic process to convert biomass-based alcohols to drop-in jet biofuels.

Forests soak up more CO2 than thought

North American forests might be more use than expected at slowing the pace of climate change.

Biofuel breakthrough could replace diesel

The rising economic and political costs of foreign oil, coupled with climate-change fears, have been driving the search for renewable, alternative transportation fuels in the United States.

Chatting bacteria hike atmospheric CO2

Bacteria in the ocean are communicating and cooperating in a phenomenon which could be having a significant impact on the planet's climate.

Himalayas and Antarctic could be best places for solar power

It's natural, perhaps, to associate solar power with the hot places of the world.

Green jobs program gets Federal audit

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently conducted an audit on the Recovery Act Green Jobs Program. 

How photosynthesis can help increase solar efficiency

One of the keenest areas of solar power research these days is into how nature turns the sun’s rays into energy for growth.

Ocean-thermal energy to debut in the Bahamas

Ocean Thermal Energy and Bahamas Electricity have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop two ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) plants in the Bahamas.

Europeans more worried about climate change than economic crisis

Climate skeptics are a dying breed in Europe, a new poll shows, with two out of three people seeing climate change as a very serious problem.

BMW Active5 Hybrid rolls out in March 2012

BMW introduced its ActiveHybrid 5 concept at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show last year, and the luxury hybrid sedan is currently slated to roll out in March 2012.

Artificial solar leaf comes to life

Following a major breakthrough this summer, researchers from MIT, led by professor Daniel Nocera, have announced that the much-talked-about "artificial leaf" is now a reality. 

Landfill helps power Marine base in Georgia

Chevron and the U.S. Navy are working together in Albany, Ga., to turn methane gas captured in a nearby landfill into renewable energy.

Biomass land grab could leave poor hungry

The food-versus-fuel debate has typically been used in reference to farmers in industrialized countries growing food crops, such as corn, to sell to biofuels producers.

Science panel calls for federal research into geoengineering

Leading experts on climate change science and technology are calling on the federal government to launch a coordinated investigation of the potential effectiveness, feasibility, and consequences of so-called geoengineering.

Biofuel targets unreachable, says NRC

The US is unlikely to meet some specific biofuel mandates under the current Renewable Fuel Standard by 2022 unless new technologies are developed or policies change.

An inflatable wind turbine from the Segway guy?!

The inventor who gave the world the Segway - you know, that upright-riding, personal-transportation thing - is now seeking a patent for an inflatable wind turbine. 

Mystery deepens over ice age rise in CO2

The large increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide at the end of the last ice age wasn't released by the oceans, scientists have concluded.