Mercedes S 500 plug-in hybrid hits Frankfurt auto show

As the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show inches closer, the number of green vehicle previews which will be showcased at this event goes up. The latest comes fromMercedes-Benz, which has announced plans to unveil next month the new S 500 Plug-In Hybrid, which is the third hybrid model of the S-Class.

An electric car that folds on demand!?

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has been impressing us with the electric vehicle research it has been doing of late, such as the development and trial of technology that allows electric buses to be charged wirelessly via special plates in the ground as they go about on their routes.

This shuttle is driverless and autonomous

The world of autonomous electric vehicles as a form of mass transportation is something we’ve mostly seen in science fiction movies to date. There are those around the world though who are testing out these people movers of tomorrow in today’s settings, and one such project is taking root in Singapore between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and JTC Corporation’s CleanTech Park.

Acura's slick NSX hybrid hits the road

Honda is starting to ratchet up public appearances of its forthcoming Acura NSX hybrid supercar, currently set for a limited release in 2015 with a rumored price of over $150,000.

32 acres to power 1,000 homes?

In a high-profile critique of utility-scale renewable energy, Robert Bryce wrote in the New York Times in 2011 that energy sources like sunlight and wind “(require) vast amounts of natural resources – most notably, land.”

Growing biofuel algae in wastewater

We call it waste, but there’s a lot of power in what we flush down the toilet. Creative designers have given us pee-powered gadgets and poo-powered vehicles, but that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Geothermal + Solar = Oregon Tech

Oregon Tech thinks it’s back on track with its ambitious goal of becoming the first university in North America to generate all of the electrical power it requires – from renewable sources, no less.

This Samsung recyclable printer is made out of origami cardboard

Life would be so much easier if everything could go in the recycling bin. No more sorting, saving, or hauling, just toss it all in the single-stream bin, and rest assured that it would be used again. We’re not there yet, but more companies are finally getting the message about recyclability.

Navy wants fuel cells for front lines

Fuel cells are not a renewable energy source, of course, although they can be tied to renewable energy. But even using fossil fuels their ability to produce electricity through an electrochemical process – instead of combustion – can make them flexible, relatively clean and efficient energy producers.

The cost of climate change in coastal cities? Over $50 billion by 2050

Climate change combined with rapid population increases, economic growth and land subsidence could lead to a more than nine-fold increase in the global risk of floods in large port cities between now and 2050.

How shale fracking led to an Ohio town's first 100 earthquakes

Since records began in 1776, the people of Youngstown, Ohio had never experienced an earthquake. However, from January 2011, 109 tremors were recorded and new research in Geophysical Research-Solid Earth reveals how this may be the result of shale fracking.

Prepping for climate change with resilient buildings in NYC

Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call for many Americans who never expected to see climate change on their doorstep. The superstorm ravaged New York City and surrounding metro areas with disastrous flooding and power outages.

Gordon Murray mini EV to hit roads in 2016

In the world of automotive design, South African Gordon Murray is considered a legend. Having done work on Formula One racer cars and the McLaren F1 supercar, he now runs his own firm in the United Kingdom.

Obama admin wants more solar and geothermal

Ken Salazar was about “smart from the start.” Sally Jewell, his successor as head of the U.S. Department of the Interior, appears to be claiming “landscape-level approach” as her favorite phrase when it comes to large-scale renewable energy development in the West.Oba

Exchanging trash for subway tickets in China

Beverage companies hate them, but time and again it’s been shown that states that mandate financial rewards for recycling enjoy much higher recycling rates. People love money. Fact. In the U.S. there are only a handful of states that offer these “bottle bills” and it’s still a pain in the butt process (collect cans, schlep to redemption center, wait in line for payment).

Water bottles for the zombie end days

Although it may not exactly play out exactly like the movies, there are plenty who believe a zombie apocalypse is just around the corner. Whether brought on by drought, disease, or biological warfare, we’re just a few weeks away from wandering herds of flesh-eating undead right outside our door. (OK maybe not, but what if?!)

95 MPG for BMW's i8 plug-in hybrid?

BMW, hot on the heels of the formal unveiling of its i3 electric car, is now focusing on the other major green vehicle in its “i” stable of low carbon personal transportation.

Gasbot is a methane-sniffing landfill robot

Methane is everywhere, and that’s pretty bad news for our planet. Thanks to gassy cows, the natural gas boom, and lots and lots of garbage rotting in our landfills, the amount of methane in the atmosphere has more than doubled since the industrial revolution.

Solar is getting cheaper by the minute

Cheaper by the minute: That seems to be the story with solar photovoltaics in the United States these days.

Big Data analytics projects sees more wind

Making wind and solar power – with their here-one-minute and gone-the-next tendencies – more reliable grid contributors usually leads to a discussion of energy storage.