Slashing energy waste to create more US jobs

These days, politicians from opposing parties rarely agree on anything. At least in public. Until we’re all comfortable with admitting that fossil fuels are a dangerous, dying industry, and that we should have switched to renewables decades ago, the small victories must be celebrated.

Automotive suspension systems to use regenerative energy tech

Usually one thinks of regenerative braking or solar panels as ways to provide vehicles with on-board supplemental energy for various functions while the car is in use.

Turning a quarry into a battery with pumped hydro

Pumped hydro – a proven method of storing renewable energy for when it is needed – is a step closer to expanding in Wales with local approval of a 50-megawatt project.

Can carbon-neutral ‘Woodcubes’ make steel unecessary?

As EarthTechling has reported in the past, the construction industry is fast regaining its appreciation for wood as a building material. With a hefty carbon footprint, steel has fallen out of favor for large building projects, and many designers are replacing it with wood with great results.

Innova Dash EV boasts a $10,000-$13,000 price tag

It has been awhile since we wrote anything about new low speed electric vehicles, which are defined as small neighborhood cars that go at speeds under 35 miles per hour. There’s now however a new one to report on, as debuted in the Los Angeles Times, that’s called the Innova Dash.  

Toyota teases new Prius details

It is rare when a extended family has a reunion, bringing members of a clan from around the world to one spot to talk of common traits and share in family lore. Toyota did this recently though, bringing together for the first time all of its environmentally focused vehicles, mostly consisting of hybrids, to one place.

The rise of the bionic leaf (for fuel)

We’ve gotten pretty good at turning solar power into electricity, but electricity can be hard to store, making it a challenge for use right when you need it and in the transportation sector.

US DoE eyes support for ocean energy

Sixteen million dollars is a pittance in the larger energy scheme, but for wave and new tidal technologies in their infancy, every little bit of help is surely appreciated.

Mercedes SLS AMG is a record-breaking electric supercar

It may be an electric car out of the range of most price wise, and it isn’t likely to turn up on American shores anyhow, but the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive is notable for what a high performance electric vehicle of its ilk can do.

New nanoparticles make solar cells cheaper to manufacture

University of Alberta researchers have found that abundant materials in the Earth's crust can be used to make inexpensive and easily manufactured nanoparticle-based solar cells.

Electra pedal-assist bicycle hits the pavement for $2,300

Electra Bicycles is one of the largest brands in leisure cycling. The company now offers among its models a new pedal-assist electric bike called Townie Go! that’s said to be very simple to operate and capable of helping you go good distances so you can better bridge the gap between where you get off of mass transit and your office a few miles away.

This eco-friendly "Homeshell" is a quick build (24 hours)

Remember when building your own house was a difficult and complicated process, involving architects, contractors, and possibly years of agonizing construction? Well, those days are officially history. Modular, pre-fabricated buildings are all the rage, and with drastically lower costs and wait times, probably here to stay.

A melding 3D-printed pavilion

Lots of people talk about “becoming one” with nature, but few actually make that abstract concept a concrete reality. The architect and sculpture duo Smith|Allenrecently completed a structure that serves as a literal reminder of our small place in the universal ecosystem.

When will Americans buy EVs?

Are we as Americans so addicted to our gas guzzling vehicles that we are unwilling to consider the benefits of more environmentally friendly forms of transportation, such as electric cars, unless it can be proven to us in a dollars and sense kind of way? That’s one take away to be considered from a recent global survey of electric vehicle opinions by research firm GfK.

When will green energy become cost competitive?

A new Energy Department study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) indicates that by 2025 wind and solar power electricity generation could become cost-competitive without federal subsidies, if new renewable energy development occurs in the most productive locations.

3D printed rings for public transport?

Choosing public transportation over a personal vehicle is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but the transition can be challenging. First, you’ll have to adhere to someone else’s schedule, and then there’s the task of keeping track of your fare, ticket, or commuter pass card.

Autonomous wave power hits coastal waters

Wave devices have been slow to emerge as grid-connected energy sources, but there might be a future for the gizmos in the spy business. Or, at least, offshore patrol.

BMW X5 wants plug-In hybrid tech

BMW has mostly been preparing its i brand of sustainable vehicles for market, but it doesn’t mean the German auto brand isn’t looking to still tinker with concept designs in the same arena. The latest of these is geared towards its X5 luxury SUV, and takes the form of a plug-in hybrid concept that will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

Monza concept car boasts an LED projected dashboard

More and more automakers are gearing up to showcase green automotive technology for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Among the latest isOpel, showcasing the Monza Concept, which is based upon range-extending technology similar to the found in the Chevy Volt.

Toyota revamps Yaris Hybrid

Does the idea of a supercharged Yaris hybrid concept excite you? Toyota seems to think it should, recently teasing out an image that many speculated was something based upon the “existing Yaris Hybrid sold in Europe.” Now the truth has come out – it is indeed Toyota’s little sub-compact in a zippy package, known as the Yaris Hybrid-R concept.