Brammo revs electric Empulse motorcycle

Electric motorcycles can be crazy fast, as we saw earlier this week with an electric drag bike that hit over 200mph in under 7 seconds.

Toyota showcases RAV4 EV with Tesla powertrain

Toyota has finally pulled the wraps off its new RAV4 EV, a relatively small SUV equipped with a Tesla designed powertrain.

Video: Rocket EV hits over 200 mph in under 7 seconds

Electric vehicles have long suffered a bad reputation in the hardcore and uber-competitive motorsports world.

Video: This EV supercar costs $980,000

In the world of electric cars, most vehicles like the Nissan Leaf are stodgy, unattractive boxes aimed at the thrifty driver.

Ford revs Focus Electric for spring rollout

Ford's long-awaited Focus Electric has certainly been in the works for quite some time.

New York outer borough cabs 'go green'

The streets of New York City are about to get a little greener.

IBM wants a 500 mile EV battery

The automotive industry isn't working alone in its perpetual quest to transform EVs and hybrids into mainstream vehicle options.

Electric vehicle sales slow as reality sets in

The electric vehicle market isn't exactly booming today. Yes, there may be several reasons, but mostly it's the price.

Lexus RX450h goes autonomous with Google

The autonomous car initiative is probably one of the more interesting projects Google is currently working on.

Industry heavyweights team up for EV smart charger project

The sheer amount of research conducted for and about electric vehicles around the world never ceases to amaze me.

Infiniti rolls out sexy electric LE Concept

Infiniti unveiled a sleek and very interesting looking electric vehicle concept dubbed the Infiniti LE at the New York Auto Show this past week

Fisker rolls out slick Atlantic hybrid

Over the last several days we've analyzed various photos and leaked images of Fisker's Atlantic hybrid. Now the official NYC debut has come and gone, providing us with some real details on the sexy green car.

Video: BMW pimps sleek i8 Concept Spyder

BMW has been pimping its slick i8 concept car for a while in a hardtop form. Recently, several new videos surfaced - depicting an open-top version of the i8 dubbed the "i8 Spyder Concept."

Snap! Fisker Nina hybrid spied ahead of launch

Fisker currently manufactures some of the sexiest hybrid vehicles on the market, including the Karma plug-in hybrid which will set you back over $100,000.

Fisker to replace battery packs on 640 Karma sedans

I happen to think the Fisker Karma hybrid is one of the sleekest green cars to ever hit the streets. The car will haul four people in style - when it works.

Automakers eye solar-powered EV chargers

Controversy continues to rage over claims that electric vehicle (EV) emission savings is offset by pollution generated at power plants.

Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid hits the track

German automaker Porsche is responsible for some of the most iconic sports cars ever designed, including the venerable 911 and other notable vehicles for both the street and the racetrack.

Volkswagen goes green with Formula XL1

Volkswagen recently showcased a concept car dubbed the Formula XL1 - a cool green ride packing an 1.0-liter engine.

Mercedes teases SLS AMG E-Cell vehicles

For many years, I worried the green vehicle movement was going to do away with performance cars.

EV reality sets in as consumers favor fuel-efficient vehicles

For many years, major auto shows attendees could count on seeing new hybrid or electric vehicles being heavily marketed.