NASA counts down to two launches

It's a busy week for NASA, with an International Space Station (ISS) mission set for Saturday, and a moon launch Wednesday that could lay the groundwork for a planned manned mission. Cape Canaveral, Fla - It's a busy week for NASA, with  an International Space Station (ISS) mission set for Saturday, and a moon launch planned for Wednesday that could lay some of the groundwork for a planned manned mission.

Teen discovers supernova

A 14-year-old student from New York State, Caroline Moore, has become the youngest ever person to discover a supernova.

Red giant Betelgeuse is mysteriously shrinking

Betelgeuse, the bright red supergiant star in the constellation Orion, is shrinking, according to University of California researchers.

Couple plans world's first zero-gravity wedding

It's not unusual to get a funny feeling in your stomach when you get married - but for one couple it's a virtual certainty. The pair are to become the first bride and groom to get married in zero gravity.

NASA sets June 13 launch date for Endeavour

NASA today said that it plans to launch Endeavour on June 13. The space shuttle will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) to cover five spacewalks and to complete construction of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Kibo lab.

IBM teams with Swedes in 'space weather' study

IBM, Uppsala University and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics are working on a new project to analyze massive volumes of information in real time to better understand 'space weather'.

Space travel proves to be a bit of a headache

Dutch researchers say astronauts need to add headaches to their list of occupational hazards.

Satellites watch marks of the penguins

Scientists are tracking Antarctic penguins through satellite images of their droppings.

Twelve year old names next Mars rover

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory rover, scheduled for launch in 2011, is to be called 'Curiosity', the winning suggestion in a nationwide contest that attracted some 9,000 entries.

NASA’s Deep Impact gives clues how to discover water on distant planets

NASA’s search for extrasolar, earth-like planets is one of the most fascinating scientific projects of our time. 300 “alien worlds” have been found so far, but it remains difficult to determine whether there is water present on those planets in order to support life as we know it. Scientists now have found a way to discover water using NASA’s over a distance of tens of millions of miles.

New telescope to map the southern skies

SkyMapper, Australia’s first new optical research telescope for 25 years, was inaugurated yesterday to map the southern skies.

Space - the final frontier

Opinion: On the 28th October, 1971, the United Kingdom launched its first - and only - satellite to be carried into orbit by a launch vehicle also designed and built in the UK. The Black Arrow launcher placed the Prospero satellite in low earth orbit some three months after the project had been cancelled by the government.

NASA preps mission to create 3D maps of lunar surface

NASA is in the final stages to of getting a new mission off the ground to come up with much more detailed maps of the moon’s surface, to find safe landing sites for human explorers and discover potential resources.

Space shuttle to stay in space another day

Bad weather convinced NASA to delay the landing of the space shuttle for one day.

Rover shows Mars's watery past

The Mars Rover Opportunity has 'reported back' after two years investigating Victoria Crater on Mars. The data shows more evidence of the planet's wet, windy and wild past.

Space shuttle Atlantis prepares for Friday landing

The crew of the space shuttle Atlantis is preparing to return to Earth after successfully repairing and upgrading the Hubble telescope. Astronauts have reportedly tested the shuttle's reaction control system steering thrusters, which will be used to control Atlantis' altitude and speed after Friday's deorbit burn.

Virgin Galactic spaceships set for test flight this year

Sir Richard Branson has told Google's Zeitgeist conference that Virgin Galactic spaceships will be ready for testing by the end of the year.

Obama discusses top NASA job with ex-astronaut today

A former astronaut is to meet Barack Obama today, and is being tipped for the top job at NASA.

SETI celebrates ten years of not finding aliens

The SETI@home project, which has involved thousands of people around the world in a search for evidence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life marks its 10th anniversary this week.

Warped bolt delays Hubble repair

A warped bolt frustrated astronauts Mike Massimino and Mike Good yesterday, forcing the spacewalkers to cancel the installation of a new protective thermal insulation panel on the Hubble telescope.