Saturn gets another ring - and it’s a biggie

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered an enormous ring around Saturn - by far the largest of the giant planet's many rings.

India plans space tourism offering

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is looking to buy a Russian spacecraft for sending space tourists into orbit.

Rocks fall like rain on exoplanet

We may like to moan about the weather on this planet, but at least it doesn't rain rocks. It's not so on Corot-7b, though, where simulations indicate that pebbles condense out of the air and rain into lakes of molten lava below.

Cosmic rays increase as sun hits solar minimum

Watch out, space travelers: galactic cosmic rays have hit their highest levels since the space age began.

Indian probe finds water on the moon

Just a week after NASA reported evidence that there was probably water on the moon, India's Chandrayaan-1 moon mission has actually found some.

Astrophysicists simulate a star's final hours

Researchers have created the first full-star simulation of the hours preceding the largest thermonuclear explosions in the universe.

NASA sets date for Ares maiden flight

NASA is targeting Tuesday, Oct. 27 for the flight test of the Ares I-X rocket, pending successful testing and data verification. Senior managers made the decision after a meeting Monday at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

NASA finds signs of water on the moon

Thermal observations from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), indicate that there may be water on the surface of the moon.

First rocky exoplanet is identified

The first Earth-like planet outside the solar system has been identified. Unfortunately, it's only Earth-like in that it's solid enough to stand on.

ESO unveils zoom-in images of the entire night sky

Never one to be outdone in the pretty picture stakes, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) has released an interactive, 360-degree panoramic view of the entire night sky. GigaGalaxy Zoom shows the plane of the Milky Way running across an 800-million-pixel panorama of the entire sky as seen from ESO’s observing sites in Chile.

China presses ahead with space program

China has started work on its fourth space center, in the southern province of Hainan.

New Hubble instruments take dramatic images

NASA has released its first images from the newly-serviced Hubble Space Telescope, and jolly impressive they are too.

NASA releases detailed pictures of Mars

NASA has released thousands of high-resolution images of Mars, taken from the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter (MRO).

Inflatable spacecraft test success for NASA

NASA today successfully launched the first test of the IRVE inflatable re-entry test vehicle.

NASA completes Ares 1-X rocket

For the first time in 25 years, a new spacecraft is finished and ready to go.

NASA to launch inflatable re-entry vehicle

Researchers from NASA's Langley Research Center are preparing to test a new kind of lightweight inflatable spacecraft technology demonstrator from a small sounding rocket later today.

Top secret US spyplane blamed for spate of UFO sightings

The UK's Ministry of Defence has opened its secret UFO files containing details of 800 reports of flying saucers and attempted alien abductions.

Earth to ET: fancy a barbie?

A website has been set up in Australia to enable internet users to send a message to extraterrestrials.

16 megapixel infrared sensor promises better defense against missiles, rain

Raytheon has developed the world's largest infrared light-wave detector, expanding current capabilities in missile warning, environmental monitoring and astronomical research.

NASA think-tank should reopen, says NRC

NASA should return to the good old days of visionary thinking, according to a report from the National Research Council (NRC).