Obama to Moon Base: Drop Dead!

Space is the final frontier. We haven't lived up to the promise of the 1950s and 60s, the heyday of the space race but we still carry with us dreams of the stars. Mike Honig, an avowed space exploration enthusiast, gives his take on the Administration's recent cost cutting impact on our integalactic future.

Hubble reveals best pictures yet of Pluto

The latest set of pictures from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope provide the most detailed images yet of Pluto.

NASA builds new generation robot astronaut

NASA and General Motors have jointly developed a new robot designed to help astronauts - and build cars on the side.

Sea rise monitoring satellite approved

Europe has approved the development of a new spacecraft to continue monitoring the rise in the world's oceans.

We are all aliens, says professor

Evidence is now overwhelming that life on earth was brought here by comets, according to one of the originators of the theory.

California appoints itself guardian of the moon

It's not in California, it's not even on planet Earth, but that hasn't prevented the California State Historical Resources Commission from claiming the Apollo 11 landing site a state historical resource.

India plans manned spaceflight

India is planning its first manned spaceflight as early as 2016.

Obama expected to scrap moon plans

The dream is over: Barak Obama's NASA budget proposal, due Monday, looks unlikely to make any provision for returning men to the moon.

Even in Space, they can still hear you Tweet

It seems that even twits have managed to reach the final frontier, with NASA astronaut T.J. Creamer sending out the first live tweet all the way from the dead of space – or at least from the comfort of the International Space Station.

Public to choose NASA's Mars photo targets

The only time most of us get to commission photos is at our wedding, so NASA's offer to snap pics of Mars on request is quite an opportunity.

ESO releases new image of Cat's Paw Nebula

The European Southern Observatory has amalgamated images from its La Silla observatory in Chile to produce the best pictures yet of the Cat's Paw Nebula.

Space agencies call for ideas

Anything you'd like to know about the atmosphere on Mars? ESA and NASA are inviting scientists from across the world to propose instruments for their joint Mars mission, the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter.

Has the Mars Lander survived the winter?

NASA is to start listening out for radio transmissions from the Phoenix Mars Lander next week, although it doesn't hold out much hope.

Mysterious object hurtles towards Earth

Astronomers have reportedly spotted an unknown space object hurtling towards the planet Earth.

Suzaku Finds supernova 'fireballs'

Astronomers have released pictures of the dramatic embers of the high-temperature fireballs that immediately followed two supernovae.

Fifteen percent of solar systems are like ours

Astronomers have worked out that around 15 percent of stars host solar systems like our own, with several gas giant planets in the outer regions.

NASA observes comet plunging into the sun

NASA's Solar and Helioscopic Observatory (SOHO) has captured footage of a comet being swallowed by the sun.

New Mars images show ancient lakes

New satellite images suggest that Mars was warm enough to sustain lakes as recently as three billion years ago.

NASA's Kepler telescope discovers five exoplanets

NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered five planets located outside of our solar system.

Russia determined to save Earth from asteroid

But rules out nuclear strike