NASA plans final shuttle flight for June

NASA is pressing ahead, its fingers crossed, for a third and final shuttle flight this year.

More types of asteroid could have kick-started life on Earth

Many types of asteroid could have created the kind of amino acids used by life on Earth to build proteins and regulate chemical reactions, according to new NASA research.

Astronomers 'weigh' heaviest black hole yet

Astronomers have measured the most massive known black hole in our cosmic neighborhood, weighing in at the equivalent of 6.6 billion suns.

Crab Nebula shocks scientists by dimming

The Crab Nebula  - long thought to be the most stable source of high energy radiation in the sky - has astonished astronomers by showing signs of dimming.

Sex on Mars? Yes, please!

A California researcher is urging NASA to (seriously) study the effects of space on human sexual behavior and procreation.

NASA finds its most distant galaxy yet

Astronomers at NASA are peering ever further away into the universe, and have now discovered their most distant galaxy yet.

Space Adventures offering new tourist flights in 2013

Well, that's our vacation sorted: Space Adventures says it has three seats for sale for 2013 flights to the International Space Station.

Hubble snaps glowing green space cloud

Hubble scientists have released a picture of a strange green blob floating near a neighboring spiral galaxy.

Planck mission releases first data

The European Space Agency has released the fist results from its Planck mission, focusing on the coldest objects in the universe.

Thunderstorms on Earth blast antimatter into space

Scientists have for the first time discovered that antimatter is regularly being produced on Earth - by thunderstorms.

Massive black hole challenges conventional theories

Astronomers have been astonished to find a supermassive black hole in the center of a tiny low-mass galaxy, suggesting that such black holes can form before their host galaxies.

Kepler finds smallest exoplanet yet

Astronomers have found the smallest planet yet outside our solar system, a rocky planet about one and a half times the size of Earth.

NASA tries to reopen communication with stuck Martian rover

NASA's having another shot at regaining communication with the Mars rover Spirit, bogged down in a Martian crater for the last eighteen months.

Ten-year-old discovers supernova

A ten-year-old Canadian girl has become the youngest-ever person to discover a supernova.

New scheme to track astronomical events in real time

A new global project will, for the first time, be able to track astrophysical events across the sky as they happen.

New cracks shouldn't delay shuttle flight, says NASA

NASA has found four more cracks in the Discovery shuttle's fuel tank, but says it believes it can repair them in time to launch on February 3 as planned.

Slice of space history goes under the hammer

Five hundred 'space artifacts' are set for the auctioneer's block later this month - including a Playboy calendar photo that made it to the moon in 1969.

Indian rocket explodes on launch

An Indian rocket was deliberately blown up on Christmas Day less than a minute after launch.

Was the Star of Bethlehem really a star?

According to the New Testament, the guiding light that led the failthful to the birth of baby Jesus was the Star of Bethlehem.

Solar sail flotilla could intercept Apophis asteroid

The Apophis asteroid (99942) is expected to pass uncomfortably close to Earth in 2036.