New type of 'super battery' created

Washington State University researchers have created a 'super battery', a new material capable of storing vast amounts of energy.

'Climategate' scientist cleared of misconduct

Professor Michael Mann, the US scientist accused of massaging climate change figures has been cleared by his university.

Tibetans evolved quickly to deal with altitude

Tibetans' adaptation to high altitude took place over less than 3,000 years, a new genetic analysis shows, in what was the fastest shift in human evolution yet discovered.

New genetic test predicts who will live to 100

A team says it's identified a group of genes that can predict exceptionally long life in humans with 77 percent accuracy.

Multicelled life emerged much earlier than thought

The first multicelled life appeared on Earth more than 1.5 billion years earlier than previously thought, new fossil discoveries show.

Ancient sea monster dined on whales

Named for the author of Moby Dick, a newly-discovered fossil whale makes Captain Ahab's nemesis look like a shrimp.

Flying car wins initial FAA approval

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted initial approval for a "roadable aircraft" known as the Transition.

Team develops 'pacemaker for the brain'

Israeli cientists have developed an implantable  chip that delivers precise stimulation to control disorders such as depression or Parkinson's disease.

Africa to split in two within ten million years

Within 10 million years the Horn of Africa will fall away and a new ocean will form, says a team at the University of Leeds.

Team develops read-once holograms using quantum light memory

An Australian team says it's developed the most efficient quantum memory for light ever, and has used it to create read-once holograms.

Oscar the Cat walks again with bionic limbs

Oscar the Cat - who had his back feet severed by a tractor - is walking again with a new pair of bionic limbs.

Holding something heavy makes people feel more serious

Stroking a white cat didn't seem to make Blofeld particularly affectionate in You Only Live Twice - but maybe he'd have been even nastier if he'd been holding a rock.

Living, breathing lung tissue created in the lab

A Yale University team has successfully implanted laboratory-made lung tissue into rats - which were then able to use it to breathe.

Robot insect can fly, hop and perch

A Swiss robotics researcher has created a flying robot that can perch on walls or trees.

Gucci web developer builds working nuclear reactor

Here at TG Daily, we consider it quite an achievement to put together a flat-pack table. We've obviously got to hone our DIY skills just a little more, though, if we're to compete with New Yorker Mark Suppes.

Self-assembling nanodevices can move and change shape on demand

A Harvard-led team has created nanodevices made of DNA that self-assemble and can be programmed to move and change shape. They're perfect for medical applications, says the team, because DNA is biocompatible and biodegradable.

Neuroscientists know what you're planning, even when you don't

Neuroscientists at the University of California Los Angeles claim they can can predict your behavior better than you can.

Living near a cellphone mast doesn't give babies cancer

Pregnant women who live near a cell phone mast are no more likely to have a baby that later develops cancer, says a study in the British Medical Journal.

Bomb-proof curtain expands during blast

A new material that gets thicker, not thinner, when stretched is being developed to provide better protection from bomb blasts.

Team builds effective antibodies from plastic

UC Irvine researchers have created the first 'plastic antibodies' and  successfully tested them in mice.