New technique could allow the paralyzed to 'speak'

University of Utah scientists have demonstrated that planting microelectrodes on the surface of the brain can allow people to 'speak' with their thoughts.

Team finds mechanism for origin of life

It's a chicken-and-egg problem that's concerned biologists for decades: how did the basic biochemicals of life appear before the biological catalysts needed to form them had come into existence?

Earth is 'in the middle of mass extinction'

You may not have noticed, but according to an Australian academic, we're currently in the middle of a mass extinction event comparable to that which killed off the dinosaurs.

Stephen Hawking says God isn't necessary

Theoretical physicist and official World's Cleverest Chap Stephen Hawking says there's no reason to think that God created the universe.

'Spiderman' technology based on gecko's foot

A Stanford mechanical engineer is working on an adhesive based on a gecko's sticky foot which would allow people to climb smooth, vertical surfaces.

'Dry water' could help prevent global warming

It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but British scientists have developed 'dry water', and say it could provide a new way to absorb and store carbon dioxide.

Artificial corneas restore sight for the first time

Swedish and Canadian scientists have successfully implanted artificial corneas in patients, with more than half reporting substantially improved vision.

Japanese toothbrush goes solar

The Shiken company of Japan is field testing a funky solar-powered toothbrush that doesn't require toothpaste.

Would you eat artificially grown meat?

Would you eat meat grown in vats? No? Well, how about if you were really hungry? What could be better than a nice juicy cheeseburger with fries? 

And does it really matter whether the meat was raised, grown or cloned?

NASA contractor used work computer for child porn

He doesn't have the same panache as the diaper-wearing crazy astronaut lady Lisa Nowak, but NASA worker Cecil Graham's offense is far worse.

Iran has robots: this means war

The Surena 2 walks, bows, and stands on one leg. Sarah Palin says, "You know who else can stand on one leg? Obama, that's who!"

Geeks get more girlfriends, says survey

Internet access gets you laid, according to sociologists, who say it increases the chances of being in a romantic relationship.

Can a 3D movie cure arachnophobia? Director says yes

There's a new 3D movie in the works that sounds like it's not for the squeamish, except it is. It's designed to be so realistic that it can be an alternative to hypnotherapy treatments for arachnophobia patients.

No matter what it looks like, Rubik's Cube can be solved in 20 moves

There's an earth-shattering new piece of research that just came out, which is guaranteed to have you looking at that Rubik's Cube on your desk with more determination than ever before.

Scientists tailor metamaterial invisibility cloak

Scientists at Purdue University have developed a metamaterial consisting of fishnet-like film that could theoretically be spun into a working "invisibility" cloak.

Researchers say they can read terrorists' minds

Northwestern University researchers say they have developed a system that can pluck details of planned attacks from the minds of terrorists.

Robots could be powered by pee

A team at the Bristol Robotics Lab is looking into the use of urine as the fuel for Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs), which use bacterial cultures to break down 'food' to create power.

Project will 'virtually raise' the Titanic with 3D map

A team is to make the most detailed survey ever of the Titanic, producing a 3D map of the ship.

Device allows quadriplegics to communicate through sniffs

People with severe disabilities - including so-called locked-in syndrome - have been enabled to communicate with a new device controlled by sniffing.

Getting closer to God: LHC scientists zoom in on Higgs Boson

The first solid results are in from the Large Hadron Collider. And while the physicists say they haven't yet found the Higgs Boson - the so-called God particle - they have found strong supporting data for its existence.