Move over touchpads - and bring on the thought-pad

New research funded by the National Institutes of Health shows that people can manipulate complex visual images on a computer screen using only the mind.

'Liberal gene' is identified

A liberal outlook may be partly genetic, according to a team of US scientists.

Bee brains calculate better than expensive computers

Bees could now be in the running for the title of most efficient being known to man.  A new study has found that our honey producing friends are better at mathematical functions than today’s most powerful computers.

Robotic gripper made from coffee and balloons

For years, robotics engineers have worked on creating robot hands that can grip like the real thing. But it turns out that all they needed was some ground coffee and a party balloon.

Bankers got buzz out of credit crunch

The bankers who trashed the global economy enjoyed the sensation of losing hundreds of billions of pounds and plunging the world into recession, says a Cardiff University academic - and not just because they knew they'd be picking up fat bonuses just a couple of years later.

Tiny-brained bees beat computers to solve math problem

Despite having a brain the size of a grass seed, bumblebees can solve a complex mathematical problem which keeps computers busy for days.

Team rivals synchotron with table-top device

Synchotron X-ray facilities are usually big and expensive. For example, the UK's Diamond Light Source synchrotron facility is half a kilometer in circumference and cost £263 million to build.

Malarial mosquitoes turning into new species

Two strains of the mosquito responsible for most malaria transmission in Africa are evolving into different species, meaning that techniques to control them may work on one type but not the other.

First all-robotic surgery and anesthesia performed

Canada's McGill University Health Centre has hosted the world's first operation and anesthesia to be carried out entirely by robots.

Magnetic monopoles imaged for first time

Scientists have captured direct images of the long-theorized but never before seen magnetic monopoles. Monopoles - magnets which have just a single pole - were theoretically conceived by the British-Swiss physicist Paul Dirac, who showed in the 1930s that their existence is consistent with  quantum theory.

All cancer is man-made, say scientists

Cancer is a modern disease caused by factors such as pollution and diet, a study of ancient human remains has indicated.

Physicists eye graphene-based spin computer

Physicists at the University of California have taken a major step towards developing a "spin computer" by successfully tunneling "spin injection" into graphene.

Breaking curveball 'an optical illusion'

New research suggests when a pitcher appears to make a curveball suddenly break or a fastball rise, it's nothing but an optical illusion.

Nano-filter could cut cost of clean drinking water

A Stanford University team has developed a new water purifier based on nanomaterials that could cut costs for clean drinking water dramatically.

Facebook study shows herding instinct

A study of Facebook apps has shown that people are more likely to buy a product if it's already very popular - but that a clear winner that doesn't reach a certain popularity threshold won't benefit from this effect.

Bacteria may communicate through nanowires

Some bacteria grow electrical hair that lets them link up in big biological circuits, possibly communicating and sharing energy.

New bionic legs unveiled to help paraplegics walk

Berkeley Bionics has launched a bionic exoskeleton aimed at civilian use, aimed at helping paraplegics walk again.

New liquid crystal could transform digital displays

Chemists at Vanderbilt University have created a new type of liquid crystals with unique electrical properties that they say could revolutionize digital displays.

Ocean seeding wouldn't halt climate change, says team

Seeding the oceans with iron to combat global warming might be ineffective as well as risky, it seems.

Hot lava video goes viral on YouTube

No, this hot video isn't about a bikini-clad stripper coming over to fix the cable. But it still is causing quite a stir on YouTube.