Synthetic biology gets green light from bioethics commission

The Presidential Commission on Bioethics has decided that there's no need to halt research in the controversial field of synthetic biology, and that no new regulations are necessary.

Scientists invent brain-controlled Iron Man suit

Were you are one of those people who bought Happy Meals back in the day simply to collect the Transformers toy? 

Do your favorite movies include Iron Man and Iron Man 2?

Nuclear blast site Chernobyl to open for tourists

For nearly 25 years, the Ukranian government has prohibited any non-authorized individual from visiting the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, due to radiation concerns that still exist. However, that's soon going to change.

Rats better than people at diagnosing TB

Want to know if you've got TB? Just spit on a rat. A new study has shown that trained giant African rats are 44 percent better at detecting the disease than trained people using microscopy.

Report: HIV patient cured by stem cell transplant

A chronically ill HIV patient has reportedly been cured of the disease by an emergency stem cell transplant.

Grow your own transplant - a possibility for men with diabetes

Men that have type 1 diabetes might be able to grow insulin-producing cells from their testicular tissue.

Health chip gives instant cancer diagnosis

An EU project has developed a 'health chip' that allows a number of conditions to be diagnosed instantly and automatically in the doctor's office.

TriageBots could replace emergency room nurses

Vanderbilt University researchers are designing an autonomous medical robot that could eventually replace triage nurses in hospital emergency rooms.

Team creates smallest-ever battery

The world’s smallest battery — its anode a single nanowire one seven-thousandth the thickness of a human hair — has been created.

Women? Who needs 'em...?

We women can no longer take comfort from the fact that we'll always be necessary for the reproduction of the species: geneticists have succeeded in creating viable male and female mice from two fathers.

DIY designer to electrify reverse trike

Electric vehicle conversions are all the rage these days, as are electric motorcycles.

Team says it can make matter and antimatter out of nothing

In the beginning was the equation - and University of Michigan researchers say they've demonstrated mathematically that it's possible to make something out of nothing.

Cancer causing chemical found on dollar bill

Remember when it was suddenly not OK to leave water bottles in the sun or to drink from canteens made of plastic that contained BPA? 

MIT serves up food-related inventions

MIT's well-known Product Engineering Processes class - aka 2.009 - has come up with its inventions for the year, all of which are food-related.

Scientists discover new mechanism for sight

New research has disclosed a completely new mechanism for vision, showing it's still possible to see even when the retina has been completely destroyed.     

Shoe radar may help you find your way

Technology enthusiasts know that getting lost has almost become a thing of the past thanks to global positioning systems (GPS). But if GPS fails you, what can you do? A shoe-embedded radar system could soon be a useable backup option that may help you find your way.

Mobile phones could lead to bad behavior in kids

Pregnant women who regularly use mobile phones may be more likely to have kids with behavioral problems, especially if those children start using a phone early themselves, new research shows.

MIT-designed wallets stop you splashing the cash

An MIT designer has created a wallet that becomes harder to open as you run out of money.

New bacterium found dissolving the Titanic

The good news: scientists have discovered a completely new type of bacterium that could help with the disposal of old ships and oil rigs. The bad news: it's eating the Titanic.

New fiber is tougher than Kevlar

Researchers at Northwestern University have nanoengineered a new kind of fiber that they say is tougher than Kevlar.