Modded Ford GT hits 223 MPH

A heavily-modded street-legal Ford GT recently became the first car recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records to hit a blazingly fast standing-mile speed of 223 MPH. 

Scientists say sex is key to evolution

Worms conceived via sexual reproduction are apparently endowed with a bolstered immune system that helps the creatures fight off deadly parasites.

Oxford team develops bionic specs

Oxford University scientists are protptyping glasses that could help people with severely limited vision see again.

Weevil discovered to have screw-in hips

A screw-and-nut system has been discovered for the first time in nature, in the hip joint of a tiny weevil.

Can LSD cure suicide headaches?

Following a clinical study in Berlin, patients with frequent cluster headaches treated with a non-hallucinogenic version of LSD reportedly experienced relief for weeks and even months.

Green becoming a theme in U.S. cities

Yes, the Feds may routinely hem and haw about climate change legislation. 

Why does it rain more near airports?

Areas around airports experience more rain and snow, say researchers, as planes trigger precipitation by flying through clouds.

Sensitive skin makes robots more self-aware

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich say they've moved closer to the development of self-aware robots by giving them sensitive skin.

Scientists move closer to mind reading

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario say they can tell what action a person is planning, moments before they actually do it.

Can neurofeedback help treat PTSD?

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common, yet incurable illness plaguing soldiers who have experienced the horrors of combat.

Nuclear material 'safe' as Los Alamos fire rages

Radioactive material at the Los Alamos National Laboratory is safe, despite a wildfire which is keeping the lab closed for a fourth day.

Research says religion helps traumatic brain injury victims

Hardcore non-believers won’t like this one. New research shows that religion has a real world use for traumatic brain injury victims.

Democracy makes for more wars, says professor

It would be nice to think that as humanity grew up a bit and democracy spread, the number of wars would decrease.

Fukushima residents have radioactive urine

There’s some sad news from The Land of the Rising Sun today. Fukushima residents now have radioactive urine.

Genetic editing cures hemophilia

Doctors have for the first time been able to treat hemophilia by a process called gene editing - reparing flaws in the genetic code of a living animal.

NASA flyovers to measure pollution in major cities

NASA has confirmed plans to conduct extensive flyovers over Maryland next week as part of an initiative to study air pollution in major cities.

Darwin's library - complete with notes - goes online

Charles Darwin's entire personal scientific library - including his own scribbled notes in the margins - is to appear online for the first time.

City living affects brain structure

Researchers have discovered that two areas of the brain are directly affected by city living, leading to a greater risk of anxiety and mood disorders.

Ten thousand-year clock takes shape in Texan cave

It's a grand gesture on the scale of Ozymandias - although somewhat less egotistical - a clock designed to keep time for ten thousand years.

Can people sense Earth's magnetic field?

People may be able to 'see' magnetic fields just as migrating birds do - or, at any rate, have once had the ability to do so in the past.