Intelligent radio nodes keep track of medical supplies

Safer than RFID

Captain Piccard flies a solar-powered plane

A 350 meter journey

Biological link discovered between music and speech

So sing a happy tune

God thinks the same as me

It's great to always be right

Acid oceans can trigger thicker shells

Some sea creatures adapt

Perfume 'made from Michael Jackson's DNA'


Only three female particles found in CERN LHC lineup

Majority of particles are males

Team grows soggy hot dogs in a lab

'Soggy pork'

Royal Society places archive online

Kite-flying and black holes: 350 years of science

Large Hadron Collider breaks world record

Accelerating the spin

US diabetes cases to double in 25 years

And costs will nearly triple

Large Hadron Collider achieves collisions

Wonder what'll stop it working this time?

Christians hand out Darwin book

Origin of the specious

Explorers catalog life three miles beneath the sea

It's really quite busy down there

'Hobbits' really are a new human species

New analysis shows

Health IT doesn't save money

And it doesn't improve efficiency, either

Mammoths weren't killed off by meteor

And we didn't eat them all, either

Space walkers will drink their own urine, dammit

In space no one can hear you pee...

Intel throws millions of Euro into Exascale center

Supercomputers a thousand times more powerful

Scientists develop 'Star Trek phaser'

Shame it only works on worms