This stick-on tattoo is an electronic sensor

An international team of scientists has designed an ultra-thin, self-adhesive electronics device capable of measuring data about the heart, brain waves and muscle activity.

Atoms entangled using microwaves for first time

NIST physicists  have for the first time linked the quantum properties of two separated ions by manipulating them with microwaves instead of the usual laser beams.

CERN seeks volunteers to help with virtual atom smashing

CERN is asking for your help in looking for the Higgs boson - not that it thinks you've got one down the back of the sofa or anything.

Virus developed to target HIV

In what he could represent an important step toward curing HIV, a USC scientist has created a virus that hunts down HIV-infected cells.

Math ability born not made, say psychologists

Some people are just born good at math, new research indicates, which has found significant differences in the 'number sense' of pre-school children.

Japanese tsunami cracked ice shelf in Antarctica

Scientists have linked a massive earthquake and the subsequent Tohoku tsunami off the coast of Japan to the creation of large icebergs a hemisphere away.

'Bacterial nanowires' could revolutionise bioelectronics

A bacterium called Geobacter sulfurreducens contains microbial nanowires that can efficiently transmit electricity, holding great promise for nanotechnology and bioelectronics.

Vibrating glove delivers super-sensitive touch

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a glove with a special fingertip designed to improve the wearer's sense of touch.

You'll live just as long if you drink and smoke

Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.I'm gonna light a cigarette, pour myself a beer and feel smug.

Rat makes its own poison to see off predators

A species of rat has developed the ability to defend itself from predators by smearing its body with a poison it makes itself.

Plant evolves to attract bats with echolocation

Like Batman is drawn to his symbol, a certain rainforest vine pollinated by bats has evolved to grow dish-shaped leaves that attract the winged creatures using echolocation.

Seattle's Space Needle competition offers winner free space trip

The owners of Seattle's iconic Space Needle plan to celebrate its 50th anniversary by launching one lucky competition winner into space.

Crop circles may be made using GPS

High-tech techniques such as GPS could be behind the appearance of crop circles, says physicist Richard Taylor of the Materials Science Institute at the University of Oregon.

'Explosive' population growth threatens developing nations, says UN

By the end of this year, there'll be seven billion people on the planet, a whole billion more than in 1999, according to new UN figures.

Government funds "that's what she said" study

A resurrected catch phrase popularized by The Office for immature boys everywhere, "that's what she said," is almost unavoidable in popular conversation these days.

Engineers fly world's first 'printed' aircraft

British engineers have created and flown an aircraft whose entire structure has been printed - wings, integral control surfaces, access hatches and all.

Chinese sub dives over 5,000 meters

Following a successful test dive in the Pacific, Chinese scientists say they're on course to complete one of the world's deepest ever dives next year.

Time travel proved impossible, physicists claim

A group of physicists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) say they've proved that single photons cannot travel faster than the speed of light in vacuum, effectively putting the kibosh on the idea of time travel.

Scientists may have spotted Higgs boson

The hunt for the elusive Higgs boson - rather misleadingly known as the God particle - may be nearing its end.

Lions more likely to attack after a full moon

If you didn't already make it a priority to avoid lions and other maneating creatures like wolves, scientists warn you should particularly avoid them right after a full moon when they are the most likely to eat you.