'Kitty Cams' peer into the lives of cats

Have you ever wanted to see what life is like for the average pet cat?

Microbial life like you've never seen it before

The vast but largely unexplored world of microbial organisms is the subject of new and exciting research in the world of microbiology.

Tomb of Mayan prince uncovered in Mexico

Researchers have discovered what is believed to be the 1,300-year-old remains of a Mayan prince.

Modern human culture may not be so modern

The emergence of technology and art leading to the basis of society as we know it today may have happened much longer ago than originally believed.

Noted global warming skeptic changes his mind

Physics professor Richard A. Muller now believes that the world's climate change is a result of human activity.

500 trillion watt laser shot decimates previous record

Physicists  at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the National Ignition Facility have utterly decimated a previous record for the most powerful laser shot ever.

First Americans arrived in three waves from Siberia

A detailed genetic analysis has settled the question of how and when the first Americans arrived in the continent.

Shapeways hits one million 3D printed creations

If you think 3D printing isn't starting to catch on, this one's for you.

Newest Roomba has advanced remote control

Welcome the newest member of the Roomba family.

Bukobot aims to be open-source 3D printer

This is a pretty cool advancement in the nascent world of 3D printing.

Silicon Micro offers augmented reality glasses

A company called Silicon Micro wants to get on the augmented reality game before Google does.

Google's driverless car now street legal in Nevada

The Google car that can drive itself is now eligible to ride on the streets of Nevada.

Project Glass might come to prescription glasses

Google's augmented reality glasses are getting cooler by the minute.

Video: BAE showcases liquid body armor

Body armor currently worn by police officers and military personnel tends to be made from Kevlar in multiple layers, with integrated metal or ceramic plates for additional protection.

James Cameron ocean dive will be turned into 3D movie

James Cameron has been one of the most championed directors of 3D film, and in his next creation he'll actually be the on-camera star as well.

Nokia's creepy "haptic tattoo" patent

How important is it to you to know that someone is calling or texting you?

Computer program places 141st in national tournament

It's not quite IBM's Watson, but Dr. Fill performed decently at a national crossword tournament.

Video: Marines showcase Active Denial System

The US military currently fields a number of non-lethal weapons systems to disperse hostile crowds without resorting to deadly force, including beanbag rounds and rubber bullets.

Video: Navy railgun in action

The United States Navy has been working to design a railgun that can be easily fitted to battleships and other surface craft to bolster the military's current arsenal.

Pentagon wants Avatar-style robots

I'm fairly certain most of you have seen James Cameron's Avatar or Surrogates starring Bruce Willis.