How evil became optional at Google

I’ve been reviewing the Google timeline in an attempt to determine if the accusations about the search engine giant stealing Android from Apple hold up.  

Have the feds endorsed Frankenfish?

AquaBounty's controversial bid to release its genetically modified (GM) salmon has been criticized by a number of legislators.

Does Panasonic's Toughpad point the way to an iPad future?

It is very clear why Apple's iPad is the most successful device in the lucrative new tablet category: Cupertino simply does the best job of any vendor in terms of providing an end-to-end solution.

HP moves to revolutionize computing

HP has worked up quite a reputation for being the king of drama over the last several years. However, this week the company shifted the drama where it belongs: with the products.  

X86 vs. ARM - the apocalyptical war

The war between x86 and ARM is heating up, while competitive tension between various ARM licensees is escalating.

Teen violence linked to... excessive soda consumption!?

A new study has linked teen violence to excessive consumption of sugary soda.

Sex ed sparks controversy in NYC

Parents in New York City are upset over a new sex ed curriculum that some consider too bawdy. And they may be right.

A $529 million loan - to manufacture cars in Finland?!

The Obama administration is taking a lot of heat for handing out $529 million to Fisker Automobile who then turned around and manufactured a luxury vehicle in Finland.

TSA deploys on Tennessee highways

The TSA is hitting the Tennessee interstate highways to search for terrorists under the auspices of the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) program.

McAfee Goes deep with Richard Branson on Steve Jobs at Focus in Las Vegas

McAfee held its annual Focus event in Las Vegas this week.

US Marine shames NYPD in Times Square protest video

A United States Marine Corp Sergeant confronted a group of NYPD officers at the Occupy Times Square protests in a viral YouTube video.

The Fed wants an app for monitoring public opinion

The Federal Reserve is looking to hire some coders.

Internet "pirates" help with textbook sticker shock

The price of textbooks is a problem in higher education that cannot be ignored. Since students are receiving little help from the education and copyright systems, Internet pirates have stepped in to help.

GM's OnStar might start spying on your car for money

There have been some harsh charges leveled at General Motors (GM) over the corporation's controversial OnStar terms and conditions. 

Facebook blames algorithm for censoring activists

In case you haven’t heard, there were some alleged censorship issues with Facebook over the weekend. We can blame it on an algorithm - at least for now.

Did Anonymous go too far by hacking BART?

Many people have mixed feelings about the hacker collective known as Anonymous. Their newest display of hacktivism against the BART system’s website only makes the group look, well, rather silly.

Biofuels and rising food prices

Many people want to be “green” and find cleaner more sustainable fuel sources. Unfortunately, the desire for these friendly biofuels is driving up the price of food.

Anonymous to launch Operation Bohemian Grove

The hacker collective Anonymous is planning a peaceful occupation of a very mysterious place. Have you ever heard of Bohemian Grove?

Eco awesomeness: The cardboard vacuum cleaner

I used to like to make pretend things out of cardboard when I was child. But I never thought they’d really be making things out of cardboard when I was an adult.

Russia has the edge in the space race now

The Olympics aren’t until summer 2012, but the United States is now losing an important race. The U.S. has fallen behind Russia in the all-important space race.