Intel TV – massive success or catastrophic failure?

A few months ago Intel and Mountain View laid a huge egg when they, along with Sony and Logitech, tried to market Google's TV platform. 

The New iPad: Apple lowers the bar

Truthfully, Tim Cook reminded me a lot of John Scully when he was on stage announcing Apple's "New" iPad earlier this week. 

Is Apple's iHabit about to break?

This week, everyone but me appears to be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona watching Eric Schmidt say silly things.

Barnes and Noble declares eBook price war

Today, Barnes and Noble declared a price war against Amazon's Kindle Fire by substantially reducing the price of the Nook Color, along with their lineup of enhanced 8 and 16GB Nook tablets. 

The Audi R8 experience - or how I saved $120K

I’m quite a big fan of high-tech cars, and my personal vehicle choices tend to balance technology, styling, and performance. 

Living with an Ultrabook - life on the lighter side

The Ultrabook can basically be described as a Mac Book Air for the non-Apple user. However, the form factor does take a bit of getting used to.

Why Heather Peters took on Honda and won

People all around the country came down hard on both sides of a recent lawsuit which pitched California resident Heather Peters against auto giant Honda.

Will Megaupload raid cost Obama the elections?

I like conspiracy theories as much as the next person. Still, just because a specific event looks like an attack on a sitting politician's re-election prospects doesn’t necessarily mean it is.  

RIM RIP? How Heins can help save the company

RIM got a new CEO this week, yet it is still quite easy to write the corporation off.

Alienware X51 - a PC for the masses

A few years ago, a number of PC vendors were insisting they would never sell a system for under $1,000. Today, the average price point for desktop and laptop PCs is below $700.  

The problem with Microsoft at CES

Like a lot of technophiles, I watched the keynote given by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to officially kick off CES. While I’m sure MS managed to pack the room, there was little you could take away that most didn’t already know.

Yahoo has a new CEO, but Steve Jobs points the way

Much like Carol Bartz, Scott Thompson is leaving a company at which he was successful.

Should Google buy BMC to secure its cloud?

If it wasn't for IBM there wouldn’t be a Microsoft.

Cars - the next-gen malware battleground

The folks at the Lifeboat Foundation have launched the AIShield project - which they say is designed to protect humankind from hostile smart products.  

Are kids fed up with their iPhones?

Nokia apparently believes kids are fed up with Apple's wildly popular iPhone. If you ask me, this controversial claim is incredibly reminiscent of Steve Ballmer insisting the iPhone would have no real chance of succeeding in the mobile market.

Gaming in a post-PC world with OnLive 3

I’ve been a fan of OnLive’s cloud-based gaming service since it first launched last year. That was version one, which should have been titled "A New Hope."

Censoring the Internet won’t make bad guys go away

Senator Joe Lieberman and his like-minded friends in government seem to think that censoring swathes of the Internet will somehow make all of the "bad guys" go away. The real problem? They actually expect the public to believe them.

Are Windows 8 tablets really doomed?

Forrester recently surveyed several thousand consumers and found that interest in Windows tablets has dropped precipitously. This apparently prompted analysts to conclude that Redmond is too little too late for the hyper-competitive tablet market.

On Steve Jobs and digital immortality

There is a video currently going around Twitter that shows Steve Jobs discussing the concept of a Smart TV back in 1998. Clearly, he thought it was a stupid idea.

Big Brother is now in taxis

The United States isn’t the only industrial power whose government is based around constant surveillance of their citizens. In the city of Oxford, English residents will have to deal with Big Brother every time they want to get a taxi.