Please, stop the app madness!!!

It seems like every other commercial you see on TV now includes a line that says "visit us on Facebook or Twitter," and asks you to "download our app for iPad or Android!"

Why I traded my Kindle Fire for a Nexus 7

I’ve been a Kindle user since Amazon's $199 tablet hit the market - and even found myself liking it more than Apple's iPad over the past 6 months.

Yahoo has a shot at powerful future with new CEO

Company co-founder Larry Page wasn't exactly one of the most qualified Mountain View executives to take over Google when Eric Schmidt stepped down as CEO.

Microsoft's foray into flatland

Microsoft recently confirmed it would be manufacturing an indigenously designed lineup of Windows 8 Surface tablets that should be hitting shelves sometime this fall. 

Steve Ballmer's Winston Churchill moment

During World War II, the United Kingdom was led by two Prime Ministers. One was perceived as famous, while the other was ultimately remembered as infamous.

2013 will be Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft year

The ten years or so that Steve Ballmer has been running Redmond are often referred to as "Microsoft’s Lost Decade."

Your life in 2020 according to Intel

Imagining the future can be fun, but I personally believe the best way to predict future events or products is to help create them. 

Microsoft Surface tablets: The first true Intel vs. Nvidia battle

The new Microsoft Surface Tablets are pretty sweet indeed. However, I highly doubt most of the industry understands how the tablet's Optical Display will actually change the market.

Windows 8: A better tablet than Apple or Android?

I’m at TechEd this week, a show that seems to be pointedly warring with Apple's wildly popular WWDC. Obviously, here is a lot trash talk going on between the two events. 

Is Microsoft the best positioned vendor in the tablet market?

Is Microsoft the best positioned vendor in the tablet market? Well, given that Redmond has zero market share, promoting such a prediction would be fairly controversial for any analyst.

Dell XPS One 27: Is it finally time to kiss the mini-tower goodbye?

Ever since the advent of the first Mac, Apple has been arguing that the world wants and needs an all-in-one computer.

Google + Motorola: A tragedy in three acts

Google has been finally cleared to buy Motorola. Unfortunately, I think Mountain View will kill the company in short order.

Nvidia's Kepler: Changing the world one computer at a time

This week I’m at the Nvidia GTC (GPU Technology Conference), where Nvidia is showcasing the massive advancements it has made in the realm of supercomputing and the lucrative graphics space.

The big question Windows 8 will answer

I’ve been thinking a lot about Windows 8, as it’s a pretty complex product.

Imagining the Windows Nook Reader

We’ve had a few days to think about what the deal between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble will mean in terms of hardware. 

Going FTW at Demo 2012

I’m at Demo 2012 this week and just came across four very different applications that knocked my socks off.

How Nokia can beat the iPhone

Despite a number of initial teething problems, Nokia's Lumia 900 may be the closest a Windows Phone 7 device has ever come to beating Apple's wildly popular iPhone. 

Anticipating the 4th-gen iPad

When Apple stops iterating a particular product - like the the company did with the original iPod - it typically means Cupertino intends to extend and expand future device lineups.

Yes, the iPad 2 is better than the "New" iPad

We live in a world of perceptions. This often plays out when Apple rolls out a new product and folks line up to buy it. 

Google vs. Microsoft: The hero becomes the villain

Watching the chatter swirling around Microsoft and Google over the last decade has been quite an experience to say the least.