Bill Clinton fights the zero sum game with Open Source

I’m at Dell World 2012, Bill Clinton is speaking and the former president is still amazing. 

Why the US government shouldn't invest in making batteries more powerful

Why I think a recently announced initiative funded by tax dollars to design a signifcantly more powerful battery is a  bad idea.

Is Nokia's 920 the most innovative smartphone?

Nokia's 920 Windows 8 Phone may be the best handset currently on the  market, at least in terms of features. 

Helping to build the home of the future

Back in 1957, Disney and Monsanto built a model home of the future.

Living with the Dell/Current Motor’s SuperScooter

What would the world be like if PC companies designed and manufactured vehicles?

Why Microsoft's Surface Tablet is my new favorite device

I’ve been playing around with Microsoft's Surface tablet for several days now and suddenly realized that I’m using it very differently than any other tablet or laptop I’ve ever owned. 

Is Apple becoming Compaq? The Big Bang launch problem

I watched the Big Bang launch that Apple pulled off earlier this week with both excitement and trepidation. 

In defense of Microsoft Windows 8

A lot of folks appear to be pounding on Microsoft Windows 8 this month. Then again, I suppose this is somewhat par for the course when such a far-reaching new platform appears on the uber-opinionated tech scene. 

Windows 8 - damn impressive on an AMD homebuilt PC

This past weekend I built myself a new Windows 8 desktop computer and loaded up Microsoft's Office 13 preview.

Is HP trying to be the new Apple?

Frankly, it has frustrated me for years to watch Apple’s success - while traditional bumbling PC companies continue to ignore the obvious point that yes, design and presentation actually do matter.

Protecting your rep and cred on the web

How to protect your rep and cred on the web? That was the question that arrived in an email a couple of weeks ago. 

The iPhone 5 vs. Windows 8

Comparing the iPhone and Windows 8 may seem somewhat odd. Nevertheless, it aptly showcases the vastly different strategies employed by Microsoft and Apple when it comes to promoting a flagship product.

IDF vs. the iPhone: Are we idiots?

I’m at Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) today and also covering the iPhone 5 launch at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The problem with Nokia

Yesterday Nokia rolled out its 920 and 820 smartphones. The problem? They are too dissimilar from the iPhones and Android handsets currently on the market. 

Google and Samsung - the new evil queens of denial

Are Google and Samsung the new evil queens of denial?

iCamera: Thoughts on Apple’s rumored digital camera

A number of industry heavyweights are currently designing Android-based cameras, including Nikon Polaroid and Samsung. Unsurprisingly, it seems as if Apple may be interested in bringing its own camera to market as well.

Apple takes on Samsung and the world

It's hard to predict what's going to happen in the Apple versus Samsung court case. It's hard to say what's already happened.

The unlikely $200 Microsoft Surface Tablet that could kill Apple's iPad

Rumors of a $200 Microsoft Surface Tablet have likely prompted a number of corporate bigwigs - from Apple to PC OEMs - to experience unpleasant chest pains in recent days.

The strategy of MacOS/iOS vs. Windows 8

Apple and Microsoft are fielding two very different interfaces at the moment, with Cupertino using platform differences to accelerate change.

Better ice cream by Nvidia

No, I’m not talking about a version of Android - I’m actually referring to real ice cream.